DayZ Experimental 1.4 Update no.3 fixes more bugs and issues

DayZ, the survival game developed by Bohemia Interactive is getting its third 1.4 experimental update. After the second 1.14 experimental update, DayZ 1.14 Update 3 is here to fix a couple of issues based on player feedback. This is the third iteration of the 1.14 experimental update, and it will probably need a bit more to reach its golden status and replace the 1.13 on the live servers.

Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ has gone quite the long way in terms of quality. The developer managed to bring the game to a state where performance is no longer an issue for a terrain of this caliber. From this point, it’s nothing else but adding content. The contaminated zones are already a great addition, as we have seen how they offer a stronger loot table accessible at a specific risk level. Visiting one without having a HAZMAT suit will be cruel.

In today’s update, aside from the bug fixes, the developer has made adjustments to the bear model, doubled the chemical protection value of surgical gloves, and made some spawn tweaks related to contaminated areas. Heavy military infected will no longer spawn within the static contaminated areas. Contaminated areas now last a bit longer too, which should contribute to a better player experience.

PC Experimental 1.14 Update 3: Version 1.14.154183 Changelog



  • More safe spawn points for the contaminated areas log-in fail-safe to make sure players won’t get teleported too far away


  • When a chicken was cut after being picked up, it would yield more bones
  • 9x39mm ammo boxes would yield only 10 shots instead of 20
  • Decay texture was missing on some dead player models
  • Attached flags and camo nets weren’t properly displayed in the inventory
  • Rangefinder and binoculars could not be used after using night vision goggles
  • Night vision optics would spawn badly rotated
  • Vehicles would suffer excessive damage even at low-speed collisions
  • In some cases, the stealth kill would play a bullet ricochet sound (
  • Swapping eye glasses with the same visual effect would cancel the effect (
  • Volume of the megaphone was not tied to the regular audio settings (
  • Wheels did not change their texture when ruined by land mines or crashes
  • Removed a redundant gray scroll bar within the audio and control settings


  • Adjusted the view limitation through the motorbike helmet
  • Final adjustments to the bear model
  • Fish traps now only take worm as bait
  • Doubled the chemical protection value of surgical gloves
  • Heavy military infected won’t spawn within the static contaminated areas anymore
  • NBC infected are always present in contaminated areas, regardless of player-presence
  • NBC infected no longer spawn within the dynamic contaminated areas
  • Slightly lowered number of active dynamic contaminated areas
  • Slightly increased the lifetime of dynamic contaminated areas
  • Adjusted the visual breath effect in gas masks


  • Fixed: Cylindrical triggers had issues with correctly detecting entities while being in a vertical (rather horizontal) configuration


  • Mods that are using custom files might not work on Linux servers right now (we are looking into this right now)
  • Ambient sounds and effects of the contaminated areas might follow the player after leaving the area
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