Escape From Tarkov Event Adds New Fence Quest Called “Action Test”

Battlestate Games announced on Friday that a new Fence Task in Escape From Tarkov is undergoing. Fence is the Scav maestro as he has the power to control all the Scavs in Escape From Tarkov. Basically said, he’s the AI tweaker. With the new Scav Karma addition, completing this quest will be good for every player, especially those with negative karma.

The new Fence quest called “Action test” has been added today and requires PMCs to avoid conflict with Scavs. If you comply with the orders and eliminate 3 PMC operatives in a single raid, you will be rewarded with a +1 Scav reputation.

What’s really peculiar is that PMC’s with positive Karma shouldn’t be acknowledged by AI Scavs at all, meaning they should have a free pass wherever they go. Additionally, if PMCs with a positive Reputation are under fire, nearby AI Scavs should help them deal with the difficulty.

Action Test Quest Dialogue, Objectives and Rewards

These times it’s important to appreciate the right people. I told my men to purge their ranks. The trustworthy ones have to stick together and help each other out. But, if there’s even a slight suspicion that someone’s a rat – you get ’em smoked on the spot. While there’s all this commotion going on around, it’s the perfect time to show your loyalty. Clear the areas from stray servicemen and tourists, but don’t touch my people. You do that, and we’ll keep working together.


  • Eliminate 3 PMC operatives in a single raid


  • +1 Reputation with Fence

There was also a letter by the United Nations, posted on Battlestate Games’ official Twitter profile:

If these weekend events continue in the future, it would be better to date the articles so we keep a better track and overview of them. Overall, Battlestate Games is doing a great job.

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