Escape From Tarkov Player Inertia, what does it mean and how will it impact the game?

Player Inertia is planned to arrive with patch 12.12

The time for new features is slowly coming, as Escape From Tarkov is slowly falling behind other survival video games. From a realism standpoint, Escape From Tarkov has to be improved. We all know that Escape From Tarkov is aiming for realism. Of course, you cannot replicate real-life occurrences because we’re talking about a game. But, getting as close as you can to realism, yes, that is completely possible. This time, we’ll talk about the upcoming player “Inertia,” a feature that is estimated to arrive in Escape From Tarkov with patch 12.12.

What is Inertia exactly?

First of all, let’s take a look at what Inertia is and how it will impact the game. We can use Google for a solid definition of Inertia. According to it, Inertia is “a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless that state is changed by an external force.” With that said, we now know what exactly Battlestate Games wants to achieve with Player Inertia.

If you’re still uncertain of what Inertia means, there is a great explanation provided by the developers of Scum, the open-world survival game. In a video, they compared the character movement with and without Inertia. You can check the video below.

In the video above, you can see how the InertiaSystem also accounts for the movement speed and weight of the characters. Without Inertia, players can swing almost instantly, while with Inertia present, the turning points have a natural body flow as in real life. For example, if you stand up from your chair right now and start running in a straight line as fast as you can, your top speed would estimate the stopping point once you decide to stop. You would need those extra couple of steps to ground yourself and stop the movement.

Escape From Tarkov Inertia and how will it impact the game?

Again, what would this do in-game? To answer this, we must acknowledge and conquer the following question: Have you had enough players doing zig-zag movement preventing you from landing a good shot?

What we would love to incise to here is the inability to track human players if they’re in full motion. For example, sprinting and moving left and right would put the player in a somewhat unbeatable state, especially at a greater distance. Indirectly, this makes sniping harder, while running in open distances and avoiding bullets much easier. Yes, this might be impacted by the player’s strength and current weight, but it’s still the way to go for many players who turn into kangaroos once they’re shot upon.

Sprinting and changing directions in Escape From Tarkov from one side to another no matter the angle is completely possible. That does not represent any sort of realism. From 180° to 360°, it even makes the player look like it’s gliding around the terrain. Discursively, this would make the hitboxes hard to hit. At this point, performing a successful elimination would be contributed to one factor, and that is luck. Speaking for myself, I am tired of seeing players on steroids, so if I encounter this phenomenon in-game, I kind of give up and continue somewhere else.

Another anomaly in Tarkov is the strafe and its snapping point, which is way too fast. Strafing left, and right feels artificial, fast, and when accompanied with the nasty desync, becomes pretty much unbeatable. Desynchronization also causes peeker’s advantage, but that’s not what we’d love to talk about right now, as it has always been present in the game. The only good part we can talk about is that Escape From Tarkov’s fluidity is getting to its designated position with each wipe.

It would change the gameplay by a whole lot!

So, having Inertia will definitely change things up! It will make the game more realistic and encourage players to use bolt sniper rifles more frequently. It will also slow down the game by a lot, as players will need to determine their character speed according to the given in-game scenarios.

Running in open fields will no longer be a smart thing to do. You will no longer be able to brute force and storm yourself into fights as a third party. Your character will be heard and will need some time to gather firm ground, which could catch you off-guard very easily. There are also tons of other scenarios where Inertia makes the game a lot better!

This has always been a widely praised, discussed, and anticipated change by the community. Escape From Tarkov is widely praised by the whole community. Especially by those who love to jump into realistic and survival games. Fluidity, nature, and realism is accomplished by defining the rules of physics in a video game, exactly what Battlestate Games aims for.

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  1. Realism isn’t tarkov. Take a shot gun 5 feet any shell and shoot them 3 times you notice a big difference. Game isn’t even close to realism, movement is ten times slower then actual people. Reloading, throwing grenades, ammo that does absolutely nothing and best of all hackers. that’s what you call realism?

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