EU receives another massive addition of New World servers

The region that had the priority and was the first to jump in the game, EU, didn’t suffice with the recent addition of New World servers, so Amazon Games had to introduce a whole new wave of them. Moments ago, Amazon Games announced that a new wave of servers is coming to the EU region.

As documented, the region will get 45 new worlds so that players can maybe finally decide to settle or get off their existing characters on popular servers. In a couple of weeks, the developer has also announced a server migration feature that will allow players to transfer their existing characters on the freshly added servers.

We would assume that most players wouldn’t like to start anew and would preferably wait for the new server migration option to be developed. The feature is supposed to be deployed in a period of two weeks, so until then, the server queues are expected to remain hellish.

World Name (Language) World Set
Argyre Vanaheim Eta
Harmonia Vanaheim Theta
Montes Serrorum Vanaheim Theta
opar Vanaheim Mu
Bermeja Vanaheim Phi
Ophir Vanaheim Phi
Nexdorea (DE/EN) Vanaheim Psi
Nysos (DE/EN) Vanaheim Psi
Ramaja (DE/EN) Vanaheim Psi
Avalon (DE/EN) Vanaheim Psi
Delphnius Vanaheim Core
Lesath Vanaheim Core
Marsic Vanaheim Core
Arcturus Vanaheim Coral
Canis Vanaheim Coral
Eridanus Vanaheim Luft
Fomax Vanaheim Luft
Opar Vanaheim Lux
Perseus Vanaheim Lux
Swevenham Vanaheim Lux
Hydrus Vanaheim Astra
Lepus Vanaheim Astra
Menkar Vanaheim Astra
Nembus Vanaheim Astra
Vega Vanaheim Astra
Pollux Vanaheim Astra
Serpens Vanaheim Astra
Subra Vanaheim Omnia
Ursa Vanaheim Omnia
Vineta Vanaheim Omnia
Yourang Vanaheim Omnia
Youdu Vanaheim Omnia
Yinjian Vanaheim Omnia
Vyrij Vanaheim Vox
Wood Perilous Vanaheim Vox
Xarayes Vanaheim Vox
Alioth Vanaheim Vox
Antares Vanaheim Vox
Aquila Vanaheim Vox
Canopis Vanaheim Summit
Cygnus Vanaheim Summit
Dry Tree Vanaheim Summit
Grus Vanaheim Summit
Izar Vanaheim Summit
Karaka Vanaheim Summit
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