Every clue about Battlefield 2042’s Beta kick-off at one place

Hey there, Battlefield fans. I’ve gone out of my line to gather intel on the potential Battlefield 2042 Open Beta. Just like you, I am curious about Battlefield 2042’s upcoming beta and want to be the first one to dive in. Recently, there have been tons of clues swarming the internet about the BF2042 open beta. As such, I couldn’t deny myself but delve into it, as I’ve been expecting it for so long now. So, when is the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta starting?

Resellers, insiders, tips, hints, each one of them points out to September 6 as the starting date of Battlefield 2042’s open beta. Below, I have compiled a list of websites (most of them are resellers) that contain relatively the same information. Let’s take a look at them below.

Battlefield 2042 Early Access Beta Start Time – Clues and more

Before we continue, try and memorize the day, September 6.

  1. The first to leak the BF2042 beta start time is a known german streamer, @PietSmiet. In his stream schedule, he revealed that on Saturday, September 4, he would be streaming Battlefield 2042.
  2., a known German website, followed up with an article claiming the Battlefield 2042 beta begins on September 4 for pre-orders / September 6 for everyone. They also stated that it would last until September 16.
  3. MediaWorld, also known as MediaMarkt, is a trusted German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with over 1000 stores in Europe. As such, the reseller listed Battlefield 2042 for pre-purchase. There was an image next to the product alleging that pre-orders would access Battlefield 2042’s open beta from September 6 through September 11. The image alluding to a Battlefield 2042 beta hasn’t been removed, and it’s still present up to this day.
  4. Tons of other video game resellers have started listing (hopefully not scams) Battlefield 2042 Beta Early Access as a standalone product, available to purchase for $4-$6. They claim the pre-loading will be available on September 3, with the Open Beta Early Access starting on September 4 (accessible for pre-orders) and September 6 through September 11 open for everyone.
  5. Some of the retailers have denied the integrity of the BF2042 Beta Release Date posted on their websites, as the Beta date “was always subject to change”.
  6. Recently, Insiders have claimed that the Battlefield 2042 beta will begin on September 22.

With all the above, what are the odds of not getting a Battlefield 2042 open beta? The interesting thing is that back in 2018, September 4 was also the designated date for hosting the Battlefield 5 Early Access Beta. Will this be a Dejavu or just a false hype for the fans? In any case, we do not have much time, as we’re getting extremely close to the weekend.

Battlefield 2042 is slated to release on October 22, 2021, with Early Access for Subscribers on October 15 as per Origin. The preload access will become available on October 11.

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