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Genshin Impact Update 2.1 Is Now Available On All Platforms

Genshin Impact’s latest update 2.1, titled as “Floating World Under the Moonlight” is live on all platforms, adding two new islands to the Inazuma region and a ton of content. PS4 and PS5 players can receive Aloy for free, the Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist. Her skills are impeccable, and you can find more about them in the official patch notes below.

The new Trounce Domain on Narukami Island is the backdrop where players will duel with Shogun Raiden once more. There’s also a “Palace in a Pool” at Watatsumi Island, and other exciting expansions include fishing with numerous fish species present, treasures, and rewards to discover.

As always, the developers have a good compensation program that grants players rewards for the server downtime. This time, they will giveaway 300 Primogems for both maintenance and issue fix compensation.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, iOS, Android, and PC, and all of them have been granted the beauty of the new content update. The official patch notes for update 2.1 can be found below:

Compensation Details

  • Maintenance Compensation: Primogems ×300 (60 Primogems for every hour the servers are down)
  • Issue Fix Compensation: Primogems ×300 (Please refer to the relevant compensation mail for more details)

Update Details

INew Inazuma Islands — Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island

  • New Islands: After the Version 2.1 update, two new islands, Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island in the Inazuma region will be available.
  • Unlock Criteria:
    • Reach Adventure Rank 30 or above
    • And complete the Archon Quest: “Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia”

New Domains

New Trounce Domain – Narukami Island: Tenshukaku

This is the dwelling of the Raiden Shogun, who rules over Inazuma.

It is also the perfect place for a “duel before the throne.”

  • Unlock Criteria: Reach Adventure Rank 35 or above and complete the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals”

Located at Narukami Island.

Domain: Palace in a Pool

  • They say that long ago, seawater had yet to fill this pool. The moonlight was brighter back then, and it filled the pool instead, flowing freely like quicksilver.
  • Unlock Criteria: Reach Adventure Rank 38 or above and fulfill certain criteria.
  • Challenge the Domain to obtain rewards such as Primogems and Electro Sigils.

Located at Watatsumi Island.

New System – Fishing

Recently, the Teyvat ecology has seen an increase in fish population, with many new fish species appearing in various waters. The grassroots Fishing Association has its hands full and had to put up a commission for help at the Adventurers’ Guild…

Bring your fishing rod, choose the bait, find the spot, cast your rod, reel it in, and voila, a big catch!

The fish caught can not only be used to make dishes, but also can be exchanged for precious treasures at the Fishing Association. There’s even a chance to catch vibrant ornamental fish to admire at your home!

What are you waiting for? Let’s become anglers together!

  • Unlock Criteria:
    • Unlock the Serenitea Pot System
    • Complete the quest “Exploding Population”

*To make it easier for Travelers to record the locations of Fishing Points, a pin for indicating Fishing Points has been added to the map. Travelers can place the pins as needed.

New Characters

5-Star Character “Plane of Euthymia” Raiden Shogun (Electro)

  • Gnosis: Electro
  • Weapon: Polearm
  • Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, promised the people of Inazuma an unchanging eternity.
    • The Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Skill, Transcendence: Baleful Omen, will grant each nearby party member an Eye of Stormy Judgment that will perform coordinated attacks alongside them when party members deal DMG. Party members affected by Eye of Stormy Judgment will have their Elemental Burst DMG increased based on the Energy Cost of the Elemental Burst. When they use their Elemental Bursts, they will accrue Resolve for the Raiden Shogun’s Chakra Desiderata.

When the Raiden Shogun uses her Elemental Burst, Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu, she will use up all the Resolve accrued by Chakra Desiderata and deal AoE Electro DMG using her Musou no Hitotachi, entering the Musou Isshin state. While in this state, the Raiden Shogun will wield her tachi in battle, with her attacks restoring Energy for her party members. In addition, her resistance to interruption is increased, and she is immune to Electro-Charged reaction DMG. The DMG dealt by Musou no Hitotachi and Musou Isshin’s attacks will be based on the number of Chakra Desiderata’s Resolve stacks consumed when this skill is used.

4-Star Character “Crowfeather Kaburaya” Kujou Sara (Electro)

  • Vision: Electro
  • Weapon: Bow
  • A general of the Tenryou Commission. Bold, decisive, and skilled in battle.
    • Kujou Sara’s Elemental Skill, Tengu Stormcall allows her next fully-charged Aimed Shot to grant her Crowfeather Cover. The arrow fired will leave a Crowfeather behind that will trigger Tengu Juurai: Ambush, which deals AoE Electro DMG and also increases the ATK of nearby characters.

When she uses her Elemental Burst, Subjugation: Koukou Sendou, she will strike a target area with Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker, dealing AoE Electro DMG and causing several consecutive Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster to spread out, dealing more instances of AoE Electro DMG. These Tengu Juurai can also increase the ATK of characters near the point of impact.

    • During the event wish, Reign of Serenity, the event-exclusive 5-star character “Plane of Euthymia” Raiden Shogun (Electro) and 4-star character “Crowfeather Kaburaya” Kujou Sara (Electro) will get a huge drop-rate boost!

5-Star Character “Pearl of Wisdom” Sangonomiya Kokomi (Hydro)

  • Vision: Hydro
  • Weapon: Catalyst
  • The Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. All of the island’s affairs are at this young lady’s fingertips.
    • Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Elemental Skill, Kurage’s Oath summons a “Bake-Kurage” created from water. “Bake-Kurage” will restore HP for all nearby party members periodically, and deal Hydro DMG to nearby enemies.

When Sangonomiya Kokomi uses her Elemental Burst, Nereid’s Ascension, she dons her Ceremonial Garment, which temporarily increases the DMG dealt by her Normal, Charged Attacks, and Elemental Skill. During “Ceremonial Garment,” when Normal and Charged Attacks hit opponents, Kokomi will restore HP for all nearby party members. During her Elemental Burst, she is also able to walk on the water’s surface.

*The event-exclusive 5-star character “Pearl of Wisdom” Sangonomiya Kokomi (Hydro) will be available in a future event wish.

5-Star Character “Savior From Another World” Aloy (Cryo)

  • Vision: Cryo
  • Weapon: Bow

Formerly an outcast, now a hunter of unparalleled skill. Ready to do the right thing at any time.

    • Aloy’s Elemental Skill, Frozen Wilds throws a Freeze Bomb in the targeted direction and triggers an explosion. After the explosion, the Freeze Bomb scatters into multiple Chillwater Bomblets that explode on contact with opponents immediately or after a short delay. When a Freeze Bomb or Chillwater Bomblet hits an opponent, the opponent’s ATK is decreased and Aloy receives the Coil effect, increasing her ATK. When there is a certain number of Coil stacks, Aloy’s Normal Attack DMG will convert to Cryo DMG.

Her Elemental Burst, Prophecies of Dawn, sees her throw a Power Cell filled with Cryo in the targeted direction, which she then detonates with an arrow, dealing AoE Cryo DMG.

How to Obtain “Savior From Another World” Aloy (Cryo)

All Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 20 or above will be able to obtain the event-exclusive 5-star character “Savior From Another World” Aloy (Cryo) directly through in-game mail.

This event will be divided into two phases:

Phase I

After the Version 2.1 Update – Before the Version 2.2 Update Maintenance (2021/10/13 05:59 (UTC+8))

During the event, all Travelers who log into Genshin Impact on PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5 will be able to obtain “Savior From Another World” Aloy (Cryo) directly through in-game mail.

Phase II

After the Version 2.2 Update – Before the Version 2.3 Update Maintenance (2021/11/24 05:59 (UTC+8))

During the event, Travelers who log into Genshin Impact on any available platform, and who have yet to obtain the character during Phase I will be able to obtain Aloy directly through in-game mail.

“PlayStation”, “PS5”, “PS4”, “DualSense”, “DUALSHOCK” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

IV. New Equipment

New Weapons

Engulfing Lightning (5-Star Polearm)

  • A naginata used to “cut grass.” Any army that stands before this weapon will probably be likewise cut down…
    • ATK increased by the portion of Energy Recharge over the base 100%. Gain Energy Recharge for 12s after using an Elemental Burst.
    • During the event wish, Epitome Invocation, the event-exclusive 5-star weapon Engulfing Lightning (Polearm) will receive a huge drop-rate boost!

Everlasting Moonglow (5-Star Catalyst)

  • A string of lovely jasper from the deep sea. It shines with a pure radiance like that of the moon, and just as ever-distant.
    • Healing Bonus is increased. Normal ATK DMG is increased by a certain percentage of the Max HP of the character equipping this weapon. For 12s after using an Elemental Burst, Normal Attacks that hit opponents will restore Energy. Energy can be restored this way once every 0.1s.

The event-exclusive 5-star weapon Everlasting Moonglow (Catalyst) will be available in a future event wish.

Luxurious Sea-Lord (4-Star Claymore)

  • The great king of the ocean. Having been air-dried, it makes for a fine weapon as well as emergency sustenance.
    • Increases Elemental Burst DMG. When Elemental Burst hits opponents, there is a 100% chance of summoning a huge onrush of tuna that deals AoE ATK DMG. This effect can occur once every 15s.
    • During the “Moonlight Merriment” event, you can obtain the event-exclusive weapon Luxurious Sea-Lord (Claymore) as well as its refinement materials once you achieve a certain progress level through exploring specified regions.

“The Catch” (4-Star Polearm)

  • In the distant past, this was the beloved spear of a famed Inazuman bandit.
    • Increases the DMG and CRIT Rate caused by Elemental Burst.
    • You can exchange for “The Catch” (Polearm) and its refinement materials at the Inazuma Fishing Association.

New Event

“Hyakunin Ikki” Event: A team-switching combat challenge awaits

During the event, take part in the free-for-all fighting tournament “Hyakunin Ikki” and show off your elegant combat skills by defeating opponents in tag teams of two characters. By reaching the target scores, Travelers can obtain rewards such as the event-exclusive namecard style “Celebration: Ikki,” Primogems, and more.

Event Duration

2021/09/02 10:00 – 2021/09/13 03:59


Reach Adventure Rank 30 or above

And complete the Archon Quest “Ritou Escape Plan”

“Passage of Clouds and Stars” Daily Login Event

During the event, log in on 7 days in total to receive Intertwined Fate ×10 and other rewards!

Event Duration

2021/09/28 04:00 until the end of Version 2.1


Reach Adventure Rank 5 or above

Event Details

  • Requirements        Rewards
  • Logins: 1 day      Intertwined Fate ×1
  • Logins: 2 days    Mora ×80,000
  • Logins: 3 days    Intertwined Fate ×2
  • Logins: 4 days    Mystic Enhancement Ore ×18
  • Logins: 5 days    Intertwined Fate ×2
  • Logins: 6 days    Hero’s Wit ×8
  • Logins: 7 days    Intertwined Fate ×5

“Moonlight Merriment” Event: Take part and exchange for the event-exclusive claymore Luxurious Sea-Lord

The event “Moonlight Merriment” will also be available. During the event, Travelers can complete quests in Moonchase Tales or take part in Moonlight Seeker and Trail of Delicacies challenges to obtain rewards such as the event-exclusive claymore, Luxurious Sea-Lord as well as its refinement materials, Crown of Insight, Primogems, recipes, and more.

New Main Story

New Archon Quest

Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals”

  • The Tri-Commission, Resistance, Vision Hunt Decree, “Musou no Hitotachi”… The Traveler has been caught up in the middle of Inazuma’s conflict.

Where will the Raiden Shogun’s desire for “Eternity” take her people, and how much will it cost them…

    • After the Version 2.1 update, the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals” will be permanently available.
    • Unlock Criteria:
      • Reach Adventure Rank 30 or above
      • Complete the Archon Quest: “Chapter II: Act II – Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow”

New Story Quests

Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act I – Reflections of Mortality”

  • Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Quest Start Time:

Permanently available after the Version 2.1 update

  • Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Quest Unlock Criteria:
  • Reach Adventure Rank 40 or above
  • Complete the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals”

Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Story Quest: “Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter: Act I – Warriors’ Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing”

Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter Quest Start Time:

Permanently available after 2021/09/21 18:00

Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter Quest Unlock Criteria:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 40 or above
  • Complete the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals”
  • Complete the Story Quest: “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act I – Reflections of Mortality”

New World Quests

  • New World Quests: “The Moon-Bathed Deep,” “Divine Plant of the Depths,” “Solitary Sea-Beast,” “Seirai Stormchasers,” “Relics of Seirai,” “Reminiscence of Seirai,” “Neko Is a Cat,” “Storytelling Method,” “Fertilizer… Salesperson?” “The Narukami Trail,” and more.

New Monsters


  • Signora, the Eighth of the Fatui Harbingers.

She possesses the power to manipulate ice and destroy everything in her path. However, unlike many other Fatui who use Delusions to exercise their power, her Delusion is an instrument to suppress the eternal flames that burn within her…

As the battle progresses, the temperature of the battlefield and her attacks will vary between heating and scorching. Being flexible with adapting to temperature changes is the key to defeating her.

Located at Narukami Island.

Hydro Hypostasis

  • Elemental creature which protects itself with a cubical shell that is elementally inert.

When HP is low, it splits into three crystalline “water droplets” that will move towards its core. Destroy these water droplets in time to prevent the revival of the Hydro Hypostasis.

Located at Watatsumi Island.

Thunder Manifestation

  • An elemental life form created as the avatar of thunderous indignation.

It uses lightning attacks and its Strike Probes to lock on to its foes. If a locked-on target is present, the Thunder Manifestation will enter an enraged state and prioritize the annihilation of that target.

    • Complete the World Quest “Seirai Stormchasers” to challenge the Thunder Manifestation.

Located at Seirai Island.


  • High elemental concentrations have resulted in the creation of this floating creature.

When it takes a single grievous hit, it will build Fury. When a Specter hits maximum Fury, it will expand, becoming larger and stronger, and it will explode violently when defeated.

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