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Legends of Runeterra 2.15.0 Patch Notes

Riot Games has announced the arrival of Legends of Runeterra’s patch 2.15.0. The patch notes introduce some card changes due to balancing, as the Merciless Hunter, Ruin Runner, Flawless Duet, and Flurry of Fists base stats and costs are changed.

Furthermore, this update provides a couple of bug fixes, and you can find all of them in the 2.15.0 patch notes below.


  • Card Updates
  • Labs Update – Saltwater Scourge
  • Miscellaneous


Card Updates

Note – the card updates below were previously applied in a hotfix; no additional updates
are being made, we’re just providing a bit of retroactive context behind the changes.

Since the launch of Beyond the Bandlewood, we’re seeing an incredible amount of variety types
of decks people are playing. That is awesome, and we’re thrilled to see it!

That said, decks like Sivir/Akshan and Azir/Irelia were still creating sharp match-ups, often
acting as a barrier to entry for other decks to be considered competitive, even with a new
expansion to compete with. So, we end up with decks that either must be faster (aggro) or able
to execute their plan more efficiently (combo) in order to be considered viable.

We did see some changes to the meta deck lineup that challenged top performers, like
Sion/Draven vs. Sivir/Akshan, but after digging into the data, it was clear this was also a
polarizing match-up and not a permanent solution. We’ll always do our best to prioritize
long-term solutions that emphasize moment-to-moment gameplay vs. sharp rock, paper,
scissors-style matchups.

Shaped Stone

Change: If you’ve summoned a landmark this
game, give an ally +3|+1 → If you’ve summoned a
landmark this game, give an ally +2|+1

Merciless Hunter

  • Base Stats: 4|3 → 4|2

Ruin Runner

  • Base Stats: 6|4 → 6|3

Flawless Duet

  • Cost: 1 → 2

Flurry of Fists

  • Cost: 3 → 4

Labs Update – Saltwater Scourge

More names on the list! Nami and Pyke join the Saltwater Scourge roster this patch, along with
a few additional features:

  • Rerolls: Rerolls are now available for each encounter & reward offering. You only have
    limited rerolls, but more can be obtained during a run!
  • New Card Back: Earn an exclusive Gangplank card back by completing a run with all
    five champions with a Skill rating of “A” or higher.
  • A Better Bilgewater: Various tuning adjustments and bugfixes.


  • Colorblind option added in Settings – this adjusts LoR’s graphics to improve accessibility
    for color-blind players.


  • Updated Minimorph’s text to clarify that it can target allies as well as enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Viego would gain +1 health when transforming back from Viego’s
  • Fixed a bug where multiple copies of Sejuani level 2 could reduce enemy units’ power
    below 0.
  • Fixed a bug where spells displayed through “choose” effects would show incorrect spell
    speed under Senna’s effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Desert Naturalist was unable to replace a Landmark on a full back
  • Fixed a bug where Dragon’s Rage would deal an incorrect amount of damage when cast
    on an allied Ephemeral unit.
  • Bone Skewer should now properly cause Ephemeral units to die instead of being placed
    on top of the deck.
  • Units with effects related to slaying enemies with a spell (Demacian Sentinel, Watcher on
    the Isles, Buhru Sentinel, Mistkeepers, and Senna) should no longer trigger when a skill
    slays a unit.
  • Fixed a bug where Guardians would react incorrectly to in-game events.
  • Fixed an occasional display bug during the Victory / Defeat screen.
  • Fixed several bugs related to incorrect or missing VO lines.
  • Fixed several UI, UX and general visual bugs to improve game clarity and player
  • Several improvements to text across the game as part of our ongoing effort for text
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