New World’s additional Central Europe Servers are now available

New World’s sensation couldn’t have been adequately escorted by fans, as they were wrecked in a lingering queue time that had barely allowed them to join on the existing servers. For that reason, Amazon Games today announced that alongside Australia and US East, Europe is getting additional servers. The new servers are already up and running, as confirmed by Amazon Games.

Well, just a while ago, Amazon Games confirmed the new addition of servers in the EU region had just arrived. Hopefully, these new servers will mitigate the heavy load on other servers, and players will finally be able to set a foothold in Aeternum.

Below you can find the complete list of new servers in Europe:

World Name World Set Language
Wachusett Vanaheim Kappa
Zanara Vanaheim Kappa
Aepyornis Vanaheim Radial
Mardi Vanaheim Radial
Zu-Vendis Vanaheim Terra
Phaeacia Vanaheim Terra
Ship-Trap Vanaheim Alto
Caprona Vanaheim Alto
Caspak Vanaheim Luft
Altruria Vanaheim Luft
Evonium Vanaheim Luft
Barsoom Vanaheim Luft
Nericus Vanaheim Luft
Pavlopetri Vanaheim Tenebris
Kerguelen Vanaheim Tenebris
Heracleion Vanaheim Tenebris
Ravenspurn Vanaheim Tenebris
Muziris Vanaheim Tenebris
Balanjar Vanaheim Tenebris
Otuken Vanaheim Tenebris
Emathia Vanaheim Lux
Hellopia Vanaheim Lux
Quivira Vanaheim Lux
Vicina Vanaheim Lux
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