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New World Beginners Guide: Early Game Weapon Choices, Tips, Crafting and Professions

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New World’s launching tomorrow, and we’re more than ready to escort its launch with a decisive bang rather than sit aside and watch it happen. We’ll somersault if needed too, but we have to delve deep into the game’s core mechanics and features. Hence, we’ll probably depart from the news section for a bit and dedicate some time to giving you some guides, tips, and tricks regarding the game.

Having around 300 hours of game time in the latest closed beta session, we could tinker with some of the weapons, visit almost all of the territories found in Aeternum, and fight against some of the most challenging NPCs completing every dungeon or expedition. Each of them provides distinct difficulty related to the player level, and usually, the main quests and objectives will lead you to such unexplored areas.

New World Beginners Guide

Okay, so most of you would probably want to know where to start in the game and what would be the best choice of weapons to advance without having any significant difficulties in overcoming your opponents. There are small tips that you may forget about, and they are pretty vital in your progression. But let’s go through some of the basics first before we get to the weapons.

Food, Health Potions, Camps

First and foremost, let’s not forget about food consumption. Different rations grant different buffs such as health/mana regen. Some dishes give extra main stat benefits, yes, but each one of them requires other ingredients that usually need a hefty playtime before you get them together. Nevertheless, the easy ones or the easiest to get usually require you to skin and quarter some animals. After gathering a couple of them, visit a town and go to a food table. In this way, you will keep on regenerating your health which eases the questing in New World.

Health potions would also help you regen HP while in Battle, but they are hard to get during the early game. They can be both looted and crafted at the Arcana table, but their rarity early in the game is what makes the food very viable.

Important: Always skin your prey after defeating it, as it will help you increase your skinning profession and grant you some character XP too. The XP gained is based on the animal level. The higher the level, the more experience you get.

Camps are very useful if you’re PvP-ing or you’re just going to tackle a hard battle and are scared of your death. They serve as a spawn point which means you wouldn’t need to spawn at an encampment and run all the way back. Usually, they save a lot of time and effort, because trust me, you will die eventually.


Each profession in New World is upgraded by doing something associated with it. Whether gathering herbs or crafting, skinning animals, mining, or chopping trees, do it whenever you can so you can simultaneously progress with your professions as well as your character. Not to mention, some of those materials will be needed for your town hall quests, which grant solid XP.

I want to stop here about the professions, as you will naturally learn about them throughout your playtime. The learning curve is quite extensive, and it’s good to go slow at times. Just don’t forget to do what we said above, and that is always to skin your prey, gather herbs, or mine any ore you find on your path. It helps in the long run.

Gathering and Crafting

If you didn’t know, crafting has a huge role in New World. As you upgrade your crafting skills, you will be able to unlock different recipes. Whether it is weapons, food, potions, or else, you will be able to beautify and extend your crafting tables only with progression.

A good way for improving your gatherer’s life is to make yourself iron crafting tools that will speed up the process of harvesting, chopping, mining, skinning, etc. They will increase your gathering speed by around 30% or faster, depending on the quality. There are also ones of a better quality too. They are good to have, and they remain in your inventory for the rest of the journey. The only thing you need to take care of is their durability, and they can be repaired after being damaged.

After the iron ones, you should make yourself steel crafting tools that will speed up the process by 120%. This will boost your gathering time and allow you to progress much faster than before. This will grant you a massive jump in gathering speed and enable you to pinpoint and jump to quests much faster instead of losing your time gathering materials.

As you upgrade your gathering skill, some gathering nodes will start appearing on your map, allowing you to pinpoint them more easily. For example, skinning would enable you to see wildlife locations, while gathering and mining would allow you to see different nodes around the map. To be more effective, you will also need to increase your carrying limit by equipping extra bags that can be acquired from crafting, trading posts, or quests. Up to three of them can be fitted, so I advise you to keep your gold and not waste it on BoE gear.

Early Game Weapon choices when playing solo

Now, it’s time for my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, some weapons have proven effective if you’re playing solo, and they all have different pros and cons. If you’re with a group, we would assume you all have different roles: a tank, mDPS, rDPS, and a healer. In that way, things will be much easier, and you will just storm through every zone. But playing alone is a bit different.

Getting there is not an easy task to do. To get to a point where a weapon is vital in combat, you must upgrade your weapon mastery, which points are contributed based on weapon XP gained after defeating an enemy. Each weapon has a mastery cap of 20.

I will speak for myself, I love the Fire Mage playstyle, but I won’t be playing it in the early game since I will most likely level up by myself. Hence, I have to choose a better build to progress faster. Therefore, I would most probably use my strength/constitution build. Hatchet + Great Axe, which gives extra mobility and health regeneration. How come? Well, the Berserk ability makes you heal yourself, and its passive trait makes you immune to some heavy attacks that don’t stagger your character. This will allow you to just brute force your way through mobs. It also gives a faster movement speed, which is quite vital for traveling across the world.

On the other side, the Great Axe has good crowd control ability and a Charge ability to let you cross long distances. As you know, there’s no swimming in New World, so crossing rivers using the Charge ability is very effective and fast.

Fast Traveling

Since fast traveling is very limited in the game and requires a particular resource to do it, I’d suggest you stick to the build above. Azoth, on the other side, is a resource obtained by completing various tasks in Aeternum. Therefore, the Hatchet and Great Axe build makes you very agile and on the move and will help you a lot if you’re low on gold and Azoth.

Doing invasions in a group is usually a good XP and free Azoth. The Azoth cap is 1000, and you can get to that in just a couple of hours while also leveling up your character for free.

So far, that’s all I have to share, but I will keep an eye on the guide and update it once the game releases officially.

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