New World: “Deadman’s Cove” Is The Best Zone to Power Level from 25 to 35

Yes, you’ve heard it well. People have started deciphering the best ways to level in New World, and after noticing a group of players doing some weird pulls in Deadman’s Cove, I’ve tried to experiment with friends and replicate their route. The outcome was positive. If you don’t know where Deadman’s Cove is, the dungeon is located in the southwest of Monarch’s Bluff.

Elite mobs swarm the zone. Their spawn rate is concise, meaning you can pull everything while running inside, kill everything, then pull everything by running out, stack up and kill everything. It’s rinse and repeat from there. It’s a perfect strategy for power-leveling from 25 to 35, but you will need a total comp of 5 players, including a decently geared healer.

Deadman’s Cove is a unique dungeon because, over the day, there are normal elites, but overnight there are the tedious ghosts (the yellow mobs that are annoying to deal with). Deadman’s Cove is an Open Dungeon, which means tons of players might be doing the same. Each one of the mobs gives around 70-100 experience depending on its rarity.

So how exactly can you do this?

First and foremost, get a group of 5 people that understands the game quite well. Get a decently geared healer. Tank with a taunt gem is also viable but not mandatory since you can all AoE the mobs down and survive on your own. However, having him in the group will make things a lot easier. These elites hit quite hard, and without a healer, you’ll fail to survive. Also, make sure you carry your healing potions.

We know that the Amrine Excavation is also one of the dungeons that will grant decent XP combined with the Bones Quest, but it still requires keys. Therefore, this open dungeon becomes more viable. Good luck on your try!

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