New World’s Recent Developer Diary Details The Cultures and Civilizations

Aeternum is full of different cultures and civilizations, all around which the nature of Aeternum shapes. Aeternum is full of mysterious places, as Amazon Games’ art directors reveal. The ideas come from references from different cultures, which combined contribute to creating a perfect beauty. The developer takes time in revealing Ebonscale, one of the zones players have rarely reached throughout the beta because it is a high-level zone.

Ebonscale has a unique feeling to it, with plenty of unexpected corrupted creatures breathing within. Aeternum has been visited multiple times by human players. Everyone single one of them who had the will to go past the starting point was recently encountered by a pleasant surprise. Whether it is the lavish environment, combat mechanics, or else, Aeternum always finds a way to shock the fans.

Ebonscale is also the home of a whole new family of corrupted enemies. The corrupted resemble of the Chinese culture, buildings, and traditional wearings. Being a combatant in Ebonscale means a lot to its residents, and once encountered, they’d do anything to eliminate their opponent. It’s also the zone with the toughest and most challenging (POI) Points of Interest, and I can confirm it. I reached LVL 60 during the closed beta and had the opportunity to go there. For a moment, I found myself on “Mount Everest,” while my objective turned out to be on the ground level, for which I had to jump all the way down. The only place in Aeternum where fall damage might be cruel for the player.

But, we will stop there. No spoilers were revealed. In the trailer above, you can find all the lore hidden behind one of the cruelest and most exciting zones in New World, Ebonscale.

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