Other Sources Claim Battlefield 2042’s Beta Will Start on September 22

Every bit of evidence for the Battlefield 2042 Beta release date has been debunked. It seems that Battlefield 2042’s open beta will start at a later date. Previously, retailers have somewhat confirmed that the beta phase will start on September 6, and now it turns out the new date for the Battlefield 2042 open beta is September 22.

A bit later, in response to a support message, the same retailers have confirmed that the beta date is not final, and it’s subject to change if the developer decides. Many credible leakers and insiders have claimed that the Battlefield 2042 beta release date is September 22.

According to Tom Henderson and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb and their own sources and insider contacts, the Battlefield 2042 beta has been postponed to September 22. Electronic Arts had confirmed that there would be an open beta in September, which means it has to happen during this month. EA remains silent on the recent turbulent information swarming the internet, but we won’t be stuck in September forever.

VGC has also confirmed the same, stating the Beta has been claimed to start on September 22. Considering the lack of info on the Hazard Zone game mode and the Beta delay (if true), EA Dice might not have finished the game mode. We know that Hazard Zone is an Escape From Tarkov inspired game mode with similar PvPvE objectives and extraction points. But still, we do not want to dive deeper without having any further evidence regarding the matter.

We can only take this with a grain of salt, as EA hasn’t revealed anything while everyone else is having a shootout. The smart thing would be to stay back, relax, and wait for official confirmation.

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