Pokemon Go 7km Eggs Drop Rate Decrease

Trainers, it seems like 7km Eggs are much harder to get since the beginning of the latest Pokemon Go Fashion Week event, and the chance of getting 7km Egg is very low.

Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2021 event is underway, and different Pokemon are now hatching from 7km Eggs. Unfortunately, since the launch of the event, players are reporting maxing out opening Gifts daily and getting fewer 7km Eggs than usual.

Reports are coming in that some players opened 15, 14, and 10 Eggs, but only got 3 7km Eggs. Some say they are getting 7km Eggs every 4-5 GIfts. This is proof they nerfed the 7km Eggs, and players are not happy with these changes.

Players are not happy with the current odds of getting 7km Eggs in the game and want Niantic and Pokemon Go to increase the 7km Egg rates.

Here is the list of Pokemon currently hatching from 7km Eggs:

  • Alolan Meowth can be shiny
  • Galarian Meowthc can be shiny
  • Shinx can be shiny
  • Smoochum can be shiny

Have you experienced something like this since the begging of the Fashion Week event? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. Yeah I have noticed that I seem to be getting far fewer 7km eggs than I have in the past. I’ve also noticed that (and have been totally disgusted because) I’m hatching majority Meowth from my 7km eggs. And it’s not due to them being from the same region, as I’ve been receiving them from literally all over the world. The other day I was so pumped because I had a full cache of 7km eggs all due to hatch simultaneously, and they were ALL FREAKIN WORTHLESS MEOWTH!!! Every single one. I nearly chucked my phone lol
    They seriously need to put a better variety in the 7km eggs. Right now they suck.

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