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Pokemon Go Meloetta Special Research is on the Way

Trainers, a new six steps Meloetta Special Research has been pushed and it seems like everyone would be able to catch Meloetta this time.

The Mythical Pokemon Meloetta was first released during Pokemon Go Fest 2021 and only ticket holders were able to participate and complete the Melody Pokemon Special Research and get Meloetta. Now, the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta is coming back to Pokemon Go, but this time you don’t have to have a ticket and everyone can participate.

The “Finding Your Voice” Meloetta Special Research is a new upcoming Research that will allow players to get Meloetta after complete all stages and tasks. The Meloetta Special Research is going live during the Fashion Week 2021 event, September 21, 2021, to September 28, 2021.

Now, Niantic and Pokemon Go confirmed that those who have already caught Meloetta (during the GO Fest 2021) can participate and complete the Finding Your Voice Special Research, and instead of encountering Meloetta, they will earn Meloetta Candy.

Finding your Voice Special Research Quest Storyline

Hey, %PLAYERNAME%! Have you run into any Pokémon wearing fun costumes recently? I’ve seen quite a few around my mobile lab.

It reminded me how freeing it can be to express yourself in different ways. Personally, I’m a big fan of turning up my tunes and shredding on the air guitar!

Others, like Spark, are really into taking snapshots of Pokémon and the world around them. I wonder how those Pokémon feel when they wear those costumes.

Sounds to me like some research is in order!

Welcome back, Trainer! I was digging through some old files while you were out when I began to hear a strange melody coming from somewhere nearby.

I ran out to investigate, and in my haste, I ended up bumping straight into Blanche, who’d been sorting through some Berries.

Blanche was none too pleased to see those Berries scattered on the ground, but the costumed Pokémon who rushed in to gobble them up sure seemed thankful. Haha!

Seeing them relish those Berries gave me an idea. Cooking food can be a terrific way to express yourself, and giving food to those we care about is one of the most heartfelt things we do for one another.

I wonder how different Pokémon react to different foods? While I go on a Berry run, why don’t you do some research on how Pokémon feel after eating?

Thanks for completing those research tasks, Trainer! Reading the results of your research made my heart full – and my stomach rumbly! Haha!

Ah, by the way! I heard that mysterious melody again while I was collecting Berries. I think it may be the product of a certain Pokémon.

I wasn’t able to look into it further at the time – my hands were quite full with Berries – but I’m hoping we can investigate it together soon.

For now, could you continue researching how people and Pokémon express themselves?

For many Trainers and their Pokémon, battling is a primary outlet of self-expression. In fact, Candela believes that the feelings she shares with her Pokémon can directly influence the outcome of a battle.

Why don’t you go out and see for yourself? I’ll be cheering you on from here!

Welcome back, Trainer. Did you learn anything about expressing yourself in battle?

While you were out, I managed to track that mysterious melody to a location nearby. I think the source may be none other than Meloetta, the Melody Pokémon!

Did you know that its melodies are sung with a special vocalization method that can control the feelings of those who hear it?

Maybe if we find a way to express ourselves through song as well, you’ll be able to catch Meloetta’s attention! What do you say, %PLAYERNAME%?

Well done, %PLAYERNAME%! I knew you’d find a way to catch Meloetta’s attention.

They say many famous songs have been inspired by the melodies that Meloetta produces, and it’s not hard to see why. Self-expression through song is a truly powerful thing!

I think this would be a fine opportunity for you to partner with Meloetta and share who you are with your friends. I’m sure Meloetta would be happy to learn more about you, too!

Da da da dooo… Da dee doo, dee da dee dum…

Oh, %PLAYERNAME% – I didn’t see you there! I was just rocking out to one of my favorite songs. After so much research on how people express themselves, I felt compelled to indulge in a bit of self-expression myself!

Whether it’s serving looks or serving lunch, a Pokémon battle or battle of the bands, there’s no limit to the ways you can express who you are. What’s your method of choice, %PLAYERNAME%?

Maybe you’re still figuring it out – and that’s totally fine. Everyone’s journey is unique! Whatever the case, you have my support – and Meloetta’s, too. Now, let’s get out there and show the world who we are!

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  1. Why not instead of just getting more candy, if you got the ticket, this time you get a shiny, I fee like at that would be worth it. They should have done that with the previous mythicals that you got from go fest as well, they can do it moving forward though.

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