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Pokemon Go Shiny Shadow Pokemon List

Shadow Pokemon are the ones that are captured by Team Go Rocket and exploited to the maximum by the evil members. They are easily recognizable by their red eyes and dark, flaming auras.

These Pokemon can be saved from Team GO Rocket by engaging in a battle with them and defeating them. The rescued Shadow Pokemon can then later be purified and brought to a more normal state.

As we mentioned before, you can rescue a Shadow Pokemon only by defeating a Team Rocket Grunt or a Team Rocket Balloon, which we all know, appears every six hours.

The best part is that these Shadow Pokemon can be Shiny too, but unfortunately, out of 39 released Shiny Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go, only three are currently available in the game.

If you are wondering which Shiny Shadow Pokemon is released, take a look at the list we made.

All Shiny Shadow Pokemon Released in Pokemon Go

  • Shiny Shadow Absol
  • Shiny Shadow Aerodactyl
  • Shiny Shadow Arbok
  • Shiny Shadow Arcanine
  • Shiny Shadow Bagon
  • Shiny Shadow Beldum
  • Shiny Shadow Carvanha
  • Shiny Shadow Drowzee
  • Shiny Shadow Ekans
  • Shiny Shadow Forretress
  • Shiny Shadow Grimer
  • Shiny Shadow Growlithe
  • Shiny Shadow Hypno
  • Shiny Shadow Koffing
  • Shiny Shadow Lapras
  • Shiny Shadow Mawile
  • Shiny Shadow Meowth
  • Shiny Shadow Metagross
  • Shiny Shadow Metang
  • Shiny Shadow Muk
  • Shiny Shadow Nuzleaf
  • Shiny Shadow Omanyte
  • Shiny Shadow Omastar
  • Shiny Shadow Persian
  • Shiny Shadow Pineco
  • Shiny Shadow Pinsir
  • Shiny Shadow Salamence
  • Shiny Shadow Scizor
  • Shiny Shadow Scyther
  • Shiny Shadow Seedot – currently available
  • Shiny Shadow Sharpedo
  • Shiny Shadow Shelgon
  • Shiny Shadow Shiftry
  • Shiny Shadow Sneasel – currently available
  • Shiny Shadow Stantler
  • Shiny Shadow Venomoth
  • Shiny Shadow Venonat- currently available
  • Shiny Shadow Weavile
  • Shiny Shadow Weezing

Have you caught any of these when they were available? Tell us in the comments section.

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  1. Love shiny shadows!!!
    HAve quite a few!
    I just finished getting all three rocket leaders shiny shadows!!
    Of course they are not strong but shadow hunting makes it fun!’
    Go shadows , GO!!

  2. This is a little misleading, you cannot get shiny shadow Pokemon from rocket grunts, only rocket bosses which is why only those 3 are currently available.

      1. But you can see from the comments that those are oddities and messed on Niantics part. You can’t normally get shinies from grunts.

  3. I have been searching for a Shiny Growlithe for six years. Ever since July 2016 when I started playing I have encountered over 1,200 Wild Growlithe and not ONCE did I encounter a Shiny!!! It is RIDICULOUS Niantic, ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, that you can’t let me encounter even ONE Shiny Growlithe. I have spent well over $1,000/yr on coins to get Remote Raid Passes and Special Event Boxes, etc. So you would THINK they would REWARD someone who provides that much revenue for them. HA!! NOT. EVEN. ONE…..

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