The Developer of Days Gone is working on a new IP

Bend Studio is working on a new project

Now that Days Gone is in the past, it’s time for Bend Studio to start working on a new masterpiece. In a tweet earlier this week, the company has publicly tried to recruit talent into its ranks. According to the company, Bend Studio is planning to invent a unique and imaginative concept enumerating a new company IP.

It looks like Bend Studio is hiring for some new positions. On Monday, Bend Studio’s official Twitter account revealed that they’re looking to hire art, designers, and admin staff. Herman Hulst, the head of the brand PlayStation Worldwide Studios, backed up and confirmed the new concept the company is working on. Nevertheless, we’ll just have to wait patiently until someone spills the beans! Since we’re still in an early phase, we can only assume.

Recently, Bend Studio was going through a rough period with the Days Gone 2 Cancellation, getting the whole studio reallocated on an entirely new project. Sony forbid Bend Studio to work on Days Gone 2 even before the idea was born. Since then, Bend Studio was transferred to assisting Naughty Dog on Uncharted. But now it seems that the tables have turned. Days Gone launched in 2019 as a PlayStation exclusive, and the game didn’t seem to have reached the needed goals set by Sony – a reason why a sequel is probably being prohibited.

This project might be, in fact, the one they’re being reallocated to. With the zombie game in the books of history, it’s time for Bend Studio to showcase something new and innovative to the gaming industry.

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