Timothy John Betar, also known as “TimTheTatman” joins YouTube Gaming

The whole Fortnite band is slowly traversing to YouTube Gaming. Shortly after Dr.Lupo departed from Twitch, Timothy John Betar, aka “TimTheTatman,” has decided to continue building his career on YouTube Gaming. The streams and great moments on Twitch will remain in the history books. I could imagine that DrDisrespect is very happy at this moment as he’ll have someone to play with.

The announcement for the TimTheTatman’s departure from Twitch arrived on Wednesday, from a tweet on his official Twitter profile.

Dr.Lupo seems to be very excited about TimTheTatman’s as well, congratulating him on Twitter. TimTheTatman is now officially a member of YouTube Gaming, where he will be able to reunite with DrDisrespect after a long, long time.

Now let’s go back to DrDisrespect for a while. If you’re unaware, DrDisrespect has come out with an official statement claiming that he knows the reasons behind his ban from Twitch. However, he did not reveal a single one of them. For that reason, he openly stated he’s suing them. Could these series of departures be related to that?

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