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Hey Valorant fans, I am just serving as a reminder right now. Over the past week, we’ve been thoroughly entertained by Valorant’s exhilarating and competitive tournament, Valorant Masters, in Berlin, Germany. Multiple top-notch teams have had the opportunity to show their aiming skills and strategy in some very tiring and exciting matches.

Fans worldwide have now reached the very ending point of the tournament, and they are preparing for the final. The dominating regions for this year in the major are NA and CIS. After yesterday’s bitter loss in the semi-finals, Europe has failed to step on the final podium.

Team G2 had lost their game against Gambit, which resulted in complete domination by team Gambit, especially on the second map with 13-0. A result that’s very bad for sore eyes, especially in a semifinal matchup. The second semifinal match was not as devastating as the first one but still finished with the same sensation of 2-0 in favor of ENVY. ENVY managed to overcome the difficulties against 100Thieves.

That leaves both ENVY and Gambit compete against each other in the finals, which is estimated to be a very close matchup. With exceptional aiming skills and abilities, masterminds of the similarities like Gambit.nAts and ENVY.yay, both teams have something peculiar in store.

This is what’s supposed to be the most exciting final ever, which will conclude the winner over the course of 5 maps. Best of five? No problem, as we have all the time in the world to see these professionals take it to another level in the final. The live broadcast has just started on Twitch so make sure you head there and start cheering for your favorite team!

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