Amazon Games Say New World Invasions “Work as Intended”

Thank God we finally have an answer regarding a very peculiar New World question. New World’s Invasions, where the corrupted monsters swarm your fort in waves, works as intended. But how so exactly? Well, let’s take a look at what the developers answered on the forums.

Apparently, if you get deeper in defending an invasion, for example, to sixth, seventh or eighth wave, you are supposed to lose more crafting/refining stations in the town hall. Does this sound right? So, there’s no point in gathering 50 of the best-geared people to defend an invasion at all, right? This does imply probably the weirdest design ever, where towns are facing degradation for enduring a higher number of waves of enemies. Instead of being rewarded with fewer crafting/refining stations destroyed for doing that, they are being ripped apart, and companies need to re-address or repair the damages by paying from their pocket. I am sorry, Amazon Games, but this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I guess it would make sense if we are guaranteed a Gear Score of 600?

Below you can find the official post on the forums, where a user named Gkusev has posted the response by Amazon Games regarding the defense against invasions.


This is Fabian from Amazon Games.

When participating in an Invasion, the further players get and the more waves are beaten, the more crafting/refining stations get downgraded if the players fail to beat the Invasion, this is an intended feature.

I’ve seen a company beating an invasion by bugging the mobs out; aside from that, every company has failed so far, at least on my server. So yes, if you’re among the company leaders, just give up on defending because the deeper you go in the invasion, the more crafting/refining stations you lose. Keep in mind that this is 100% going to change, as it is not reasonable to lose more crafting/refining stations for providing a much greater effort.

So, what do you think about New World so far?

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  1. I think you misread the post. It says the higher the settlement is upgraded, the more gets downgraded. Nothing about how many waves you beat.

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