Apex Legends new Storm Point map is the largest ever

The newest season of Apex Legends is coming, and this time around, it brings players to Storm Point – the fourth map in total. A world premiere trailer on Monday showed fans what they could expect from an island setting with some glimpses into gameplay involving one legend’s new weapon as well as another favorite carried over from Titanfall 2!

The Storm Point map has been revealed, and it’s enormous! Not only is there a lot of variety in terms of environments – with natural surroundings alternating to building interiors – but players can use weapons like guns or grenades while exploring. Developers at Respawn wanted people to notice this feature and take advantage by using their equipped gadgets when necessary. The Gravity Cannon will help get you where you need them for sure, though.

Prowlers, flyers, and spiders will pop up to harass everyone in this PvE encounter. At 1:30 of the trailer, we see Ash using her tether ability on C.A.R. S.M.G., which enables its users to restrict movement while still firing guns just like before!

Are you excited about the Escape season in Apex Legends? Apex Legends new Escape season is starting on November 2. The full list of changes detailed by Respawn Entertainment can be found here.

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