Ash is the next playable hero in Apex Legends

Ash is the next playable hero in Apex Legends, which is estimated to arrive with Season 11. Ash is known for her appearance in Titanfall 2, and based on the recently published trailer, her look has slightly changed. Ash made her first appearance in the second game, and she’s grown up since then. The video above gives you insight into how Ash became this odd android creature that is now wiser than ever!

Ash’s problems are all in her head…but that’s the most dangerous place they could be. Who is Ash, and who is Leigh?

While we’re unaware of Ash’s abilities, Apex Legends’ developer Respawn Entertainment will publish a trailer with Ash in action, revealing all of her skills and abilities on October 21st.


Ash is done just overseeing the games: she’s ready to win them and proves she’s the Apex Predator.

Thanks to a brand new trailer released by Respawn and publisher EA today, we know the name and backstory of Apex Legends’ next character: Ash.

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