It’s good to see that Battlefield 2042 will be using Easy Anti-Cheat to Battle Hackers

Without a doubt, my favorite anti-cheat will secure the integrity of Battlefield 2042 and fight against the brutal cheaters and third-party software users who are eager to gain any type of advantage in multiplayer video games, ruining the gameplay experience for others, especially in a first-person shooter. Easy Anti Cheat was the confirmed choice by DICE, which is undoubtedly the leader in the gaming industry.

EAC is known in the gaming industry, thanks to its successful rebellion in games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite. For those who don’t know, the anti-cheat dates since the 1.6 eras, when I used to play CS 1.6 professionally. I felt relieved whenever I played on an EAC secured server and always had my portion of entertainment served.

Easy Anti-Cheat is probably the best choice EA could’ve made, considering the previous versions of Battlefield did not have any reliable anti-cheat technology. All we knew was that they “had an anti-cheat,” but in the end, it turned out to be judging by the player stats. We rarely see the “Valorant’s Vanguard” type of anti-cheat implemented by AAA video game developers. Call of Duty will be the first game to introduce such a solution with the release of Vanguard, and we’re curious about its outcome.

But let’s get back to Easy Anti-Cheat. We know that it’s probably one of the more intrusive anti-cheats out there. There’s a reason why Epic Games has implemented it in its free developer tools, and it is accessible for every developer. It’s not just first-person shooters that use it. Instead, plenty of other games have it too. For Example, New World, the MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, uses Easy Anti-Cheat as an anti-cheat measure.

Let’s be honest, even if you’re a hacker yourself and you want to gain an unfair advantage in games, being eliminated by an enemy hacker is not something you want to experience. So if you think wisely, is it really needed to cheat to have a good time? I am actually happy to see EAC stepping on the forefront and battling against those who want to ruin everyone else’s gameplay experience.

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