Escape From Tarkov adds operational tasks feature that unlocks at level 5

Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov, one of the most popular first-person shooter games, has finally received one handy in-game feature that is supposed to diversify the player experience by quite a lot. The so-called operational tasks or daily tasks as we know them is a feature that would make the game a lot more interesting for players that spent a lot of their free time playing Escape From Tarkov.

As the developer announced, traders periodically offer the operational tasks, and they can be accepted and performed during a limited timeframe. For example, after taking them, you will be granted around 24 hours to complete them. They are marked with a unique clock icon.

Upon completing the operational task, you will be able to return it to the trader who gave you the quest, which will grant you additional experience, money, or items. Each one of the tasks is different, so the rewards vary depending on the task complexity. Each one of the tasks offered is unique, and their complexity increases with the character level. The higher the level, the higher the task you’re given.

Currently, the tasks are orientated around eliminating PMCs and Scavs, searching for items, and surviving in different locations. Future patches aim to change that by adding additional conditions, allowing players to delve into personal quest selection and more. Last but not least, the developer stated that these tasks are unique for each player account.

Escape From Tarkov needed this kind of feature so that players who spend a lot of time in the game have something to do. The game has been stuck at the same maps for around two years now, with two new maps being in the works, Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov. It would be awesome if they arrived at the same time, but so far as we know, Lighthouse would lead the way while Streets of Tarkov is supposed to come later.

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