New World Had Over 1 Million Unique Players at Launch

Amazon’s new and overpopulated MMORPG New World had noted a very successful launch. For its genre, it’s probably the most successful in the past couple of years. According to the developer, the game has gathered over 1 million unique players on launch. Sadly, the unawareness by Amazon Games has left most of the players sad and broken, as the new addition of servers has started pouring in a bit later.

The problem is still persistent and will probably be present until the developer offers a server transfer feature, which has been queued for release in the next two weeks. Obviously, most players did not have the appropriate opportunity to tune in and develop their character due to the low number of servers available at launch, causing lingering queue times and departure from the game.

The developer has released a new statement regarding the recent issues, in which their mistake is duly noted. They also revealed their plans for the near future, and server transfer is one of them.

No one would love to start progressing from zero, as most players have already created a character on the populated servers. Each region had received a new wave of servers, and the queues are somewhat half the size they used to be before. That means some players have given up and gone on the less populated servers with no queue downtime. But, Amazon Games must implement the character migration feature as soon as possible for better balancing of players between servers. Only then will we see improvement regarding server queues. Only then will we’ll see an improvement in this regard.

The only thing I can criticize New World is having no queue priority for disconnections. If a player is being disconnected due to faulty internet, he should get an opportunity to come back, at least in 3 minutes. For example, my baby boy decided to unplug the router, and I got back to the last position in the queue. It’s somewhat sad as most of the other populated MMORPGs offer this. I believe that’s how Blizzard countered this issue after the launch of WoW Classic. A grace period to rejoin back on the server. If not, back to the last place in the queue.

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