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New World: The Siren’s Fury and Siren’s Brute Farm in Reekwater’s Siren’s Stand

Ok, so most of you have probably read about New World’s Gear Watermark, how it works, and the best way to increase it in our previous guide where we mentioned Reekwater. Yes, Reekwater is one of the zones with level 64 elite bosses, which can guarantee a gear drop up to 591. Of course, you won’t get the 591 pieces instantly. Instead, you will need to spend a couple of days doing it.

But there’s a secret that most of the players that are already there would not tell you, and that is killing the Siren’s Fury, a low hp lvl 64 elite mob that almost guarantees an epic drop. Tagging that mob might be tricky, so it’s vital to know his respawn timer and prepare for his appearance. The Siren’s Fury mob is found at the platform above the main gate, and his killing blow actually awakens the Siren’s Brute elite boss, which is another boss that can drop an epic gear piece.

Basically, you will need to do this over and over again, and at this point, we believe that upgrading your skills and crafting professions might be a better option as you could get 600 legendaries from it.

How to properly farm Reekwater’s The Siren’s Fury and Siren’s Brute?

Let’s take a look at the Reekwater Farm and how to do it efficiently? Well, first and foremost, tagging the Siren’s Fury is a must. That’s easily achieved with a group, as it has a low amount of HP. Without a group of 5, you’ll most definitely find it hard. Keep in mind that everyone has to contribute to it, so knowing its respawn timer is more than valuable, which is one of the things we mention below.

Where are The Suren’s Fury and Siren’s Brute located?

They are in the south of Reekwater, check the image below:

How to farm them properly?

  1. Get up to Siren’s Stand in Reekwater and jump on the platform where the Siren’s Fury spawns. It’s a 64 Elite Mob, and he spawns on the platform above the door. He also serves as a trigger event for the big boss.

2. Tag the mob, so you get a chance to get loot from it.

3. Jump down and tag The Siren’s Brute elite boss and kill it.

4. That’s when the respawn timer starts ticking, and in 3 minutes and 15 seconds after the elimination of the Siren’s Brute, the Siren’s Fury will respawn at the platform right beside the door. You can get back up by holding your parry button and jumping on the wall right beside the platform.

That’s all. I wish you a bountiful farm at Reekwater.

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    1. I’ve been doing this for 5 days in a row 8+ hours. I am still not banned. The ban might be if you just kill the Siren’s Fury for multiple times in a row and resetting it solely without killing The Siren’s Brute. That would get banned for sure.

    2. Nope you won’t get banned for this and there is no reason to. They didn’t ban any players exploiting cave/boar/invul.
      The only ban they will perform is on the gold exploit, since it can mess up a whole server economy. I have been farming this area for a week and no problem either.

      1. The only way you get banned by doing this is as I said before, if you kill the Siren’s Fury than run back to the bridge and reset it, then kill it again. That’s the only way you get banned. Otherwise, you respect the whole respawn cycle which is definitely not bannable.

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