New World Temporarily Disables Cache Drops From Major Corrupted Portals

Earlier today, Amazon Games’ New World received a brand new update enabling Tier 4 and Tier 5 Corruption breaches. Shortly after the deployment of the update, players were swarming the high-level corruption breaches, especially the major ones in Shattered Mountains, Myrkgard, which in our case, led to a server crash. Shortly after the server crash, some of the corrupted portals were bugged out, for later the developer to completely seize the delivery of major caches.

Hopefully, this is a temporary shutdown to major corruption portals, as players are eager to continue farming until a better opportunity or a new zone is presented. The reason for this remains unknown, and it’s most probably to avoid server meltdown, as it happened earlier today. At first, I believed I missed tagging the mobs, but then I realized that major caches are no longer in play and cannot be obtained after their completion. Then I thought it was only Myrkgard suffering from this closure and changed to another zone with 65 corruption breaches. Sadly, they weren’t dropping caches either.

But why are Corrupted Portals important in New World?

For example, crafting expedition or dungeon keys is highly dependant on those resources, and even if players could farm those in lower-level areas, Myrkgard was always the best zone to get them.

Myrkgard corruptions are reasonable and will be farmed forever unless the developer unlocks a new zone, that is. That is, namely, due to the major cache contents. These corruptions are all major corruptions, and they provide solid loot and resources. Not to mention, you could also upgrade your watermark by just farming these corrupted portals.

Previously, players couldn’t farm the high-level corrupted portals because the Azoth Staff was “bugged.” Pardon me, but I believe that the developer disabled them until more people reach level 60 without allowing players to get ahead of the curve. The same happens for the loot watermark, which is currently limited to 591. All of the people I’ve been farming gear with and are at 591 watermark level cannot get anything past that. So yes, we’re stuck, and being able to craft gear is much more beneficial now, which is somewhat mind-blowing to all those who spent time farming after they realized how the gear upgrade works.

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