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New World: Where to catch 5 fishes heavier than 30 pounds

New World has been quite the journey so far. From gathering, mining, logging, to fishing. A gatherer’s dream come true. But some of the quests might be found a bit annoying, yes, and one of them is the fishing questline consists of a couple of quests with rough requirements. For example, the ones where you need to catch five fishes heavier than 30 pounds? The quest is known as “Soulwarden Rations.”

Worry not, as we have the perfect spot to do so. Yes, the quest is given near fresh water, while you’re also rewarded with a fishing rod that grants you better luck catching fish in fresh water for completing the previous quest from the chain. We can agree that it’s a valuable stat for pursuing this caliber, but not necessarily the type of water you want to fish them, big boys.

So, where would be the best spot to catch big fish? From my personal experience, I could quickly confirm that doing that quest by fishing in saltwater, which can be easily accessed around the coastline, is probably their best way of getting them. Therefore, I’d nominate Windsward as the best territory. The east of Windsward has sea waters. Not only that, but it also has a fishing hotspot that could boost your fishing frequency.

On the image above, the west side of Windsward has a 2-star fishing hotspot. To be more precise where check the image below:

So if you go to the port, you will notice the fishing hotspot which is right next to it. To enhance your fishing experience, it’s also vital to use bait attractive to fishes in salt water. I used a snail bait when doing so. It helped me finish the quest in approximately 20 minutes. Reeling them in shouldn’t be an issue. Before, I was struggling up north trying to get one 30-pound fish. I fished for around 30 minutes without any result.

Now we know that we do not need to get creative and picky. Instead, Windsward has all we need. Its unique fishing spots make it relevant to catching a good and big fish, even legendaries.

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