Players love New World’s auto-ban “feature” as it wins them big Wars

New World is a PvP orientated MMORPG that incentivizes a team to invade and conquer territories owned by other factions or defend their own. Now stop and think for a moment. Would you do anything in your power to conquer territories in a heavily rounded PvP game? Think of your intentions, and how far are you willing to go to get some of the territories claimed by others? Well, if you’re ready to do anything, then you have plenty of friends already.

The MMO genre has always been a playground for players with unpredictable wildness. It seems the story of any big game is one where developers try their best to keep up and offer amenities that please those who take advantage of broken systems or unfair play sessions by others, ruining things for everyone else in heartbreaking ways.

In this case, WAR. War is a mode where companies fight each other over territory. Naturally, the goal of most, if not all, parties involved in this war would be to use any advantage they can get against their opponents, even at times when it may include abusing helpful systems themselves. Do you remember the auto-ban feature? Well, it’s not a feature but a weird implementation in the game allowing high populated communities to flag and get rid of players. Amazon Games has stated that their system is flawless, and the bans are not performed automatically. It appears that that’s not true, as mass reporting is still an issue.

Amazon Games tried to remain silent on this matter, but the enormous flow of support tickets has already taken all their breath in keeping the real issue secret. The mass-report option could be your best friend if you’re willing to distort the lineup of your enemy. The automated system provided by Amazon Games bans players that receive a high amount of reports at high frequency, which means everyone’s vulnerable to it.

Out of my personal experience, GMs were banned just a day before a significant war, and up to this day, they still haven’t received a proper answer from the developer. Therefore, it could happen to anyone. So, if you want to win a War, this might be your perfect choice against the opposing faction, no matter how coarse it is.

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