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Pokemon Go Ditto Odds October 2021

The Pokemon that is known to cause a lot of headaches in Pokemon Go is Ditto. Ditto can take the form of other Pokemon, as well as copy their moves and CP. A lot of players are wondering what are the chances of a disguise Pokemon turning into a Ditto, and for that matter, I’ve decided to dig a little bit deeper and find the right info.

Ditto is part of many kinds of research, quests, tasks, and many more but sadly, it is rare to find it spawn in the wild. Many players wonder how to encounter one and fortunately, there is a list of Pokemon that Ditto is disguised as. At the moment, as reported by many, the chances of catching a Ditto is roughly around 3%, which is extremely rare.

If you are on the hunt for Shiny Ditto, there are few things you should know. The first one is that if you encounter a Shiny Pokemon, there is a 100% chance of it not turning into Shiny Ditto when you catch it. The second thing is that if you stumble upon a regular Pokemon, there is a chance of it transforming into Shiny Ditto when you trap it into a Pokeball. Keep in mind that Ditto can take the form of 9 Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Current Ditto Disguises

  • Gastly (has a Shiny form)
  • Drowzee (has a Shiny form)
  • Remoraid
  • Teddirusa (has a Shiny form)
  • Gulpin
  • Numel
  • Stunky
  • Dwebble (has a Shiny form)
  • Foongus

Have you had the chance of encountering a Ditto? What about Shiny Ditto? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Funny enough, I first caught a normal ditto, and then a shiny ditto. The shiny one is blue, compared to the normal ditto that is like a purple pienk color. My shiny ditto only has about 370 CP if I remember correctly ( somewhere there about) not sure what the chances is of encountering or catching one. For the people interested to see it, or that think I’m lying, you can view it here :

    1. I caught one after completing 7 days field research in September 21’. The final prize was the chance to catch a ditto during that time time and mine just so happened to be a shiny 3 star. Look for events where ditto is featured rather than trying to waste your precious time hunting a shiny.

  2. I have caught three ditto. Only one of which was a research task. None of them shiny, none of them from shiny Pokémon. Teddirusa was one! The most recent in fact. Gulpin was another and it was funny cuz he did not act normal either he jumped different and didn’t open his mouth. My first ditto was a whismur and he also danced funny. I knew something was up. Can’t wait for a shiny. Thank you guys for new list.

  3. i have caught over 20 dittoes, i found one and made my mom catch it a couple weeks ago and of course mine was not shiny, moms and sisters was though
    my mom is going to trade me her shiny ditto
    I caught a gastly ditto
    mine was cp 10 lol
    imao I should have a shiny ditto to go with my shiny origin giratina and shiny lugia
    also got shiny gyrados garchomp regular mew 14 normal lugia
    etc. lots of shiny look at my twitter @HissingOcelot

  4. I caught 2 or 3 per DAY for about a week straight. Now I have two assignments to catch one and haven’t seen one for two weeks.

    This is horse crap!!!

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