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Pokemon Go Egg Chart October 2021: Here is What Hatches from 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 12km Eggs

Trainers, the Pokemon Go egg chart is changing often, so keeping track of which Pokemon are hatching from eggs is always a good option.

The following egg chart includes all Pokemon currently hatching from 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, and 12km eggs. We also listed all Pokemon that can be hatched shiny.

The Pokemon Go Halloween Mischief 2021 event is underway and different Pokemon are now hatching from eggs. Pokemon Go Halloween Mischief Part 1 Creepy Companions event runs from October 15, 2021, to October 22, 2021, at 10 AM local time and the following Pokemon will be appearing in 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, and 12km eggs.

Pokemon Go October 2021 Egg Hatch List

2km Eggs

  • BARBOACH (can be shiny)
  • BUNNELBY (can be shiny)
  • DRIFLOON (can be shiny)
  • FLETCHLING (can be shiny)
  • MEDITITE (can be shiny)
  • NIDORAN♀ (can be shiny)
  • NIDORAN♂ (can be shiny)
  • SWABLU (can be shiny)
  • WAILMER (can be shiny)

5km Eggs

  • AZURILL (can be shiny)
  • PINECO (can be shiny)
  • SABLEYE (can be shiny)
  • SEEL (can be shiny)
  • SKARMORY (can be shiny)
  • TOGEPI (can be shiny)

7km Eggs

  • MISDREAVUS (can be shiny)
  • SHUPPET (can be shiny)
  • SPINARAK (can be shiny)

10km Eggs

  • AUDINO (can be shiny)
  • AXEW
  • DARUMAKA (can be shiny)
  • KLINK (can be shiny)
  • RIOLU (can be shiny)
  • RUFFLET (can be shiny)
  • TIMBURR (can be shiny)

12km Eggs

  • ABSOL (can be shiny)
  • DEINO (can be shiny)
  • LARVITAR (can be shiny)
  • QWILFISH (can be shiny)
  • SKORUPI (can be shiny)

Have in mind that the Egg chart changes often, so make sure to come back and check out the list daily.

Good luck and let’s hatch ’em all!

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        1. Riolu is not in notmal 10km eggs anymore. However, I have hatched 2 Riolus in the past two weeks from the 100km limited pool eggs. The chart from this website shows Riolu in 7km eggs now, but I personally haven’t hatched any yet out of the 70 (7km) eggs that I’ve hatched so far.

  1. Skarmony can now be shiny. Bronzor is in fact in the 5km egg pool. Not as an adventure sync reward. I hatch them on a regular basis. I never leave openings for adven3 sync egg rewards.

  2. Clarify: a regional in an egg gifted to another area outside of the region – will it be the regional or something else?

  3. I hate this egg pool. But yeah, you should update it because the alolan and galarian forms aren’t obtainable anymore. Haven’t hatched and 7km eggs so don’t what comes out of them now.

  4. None of my eggs are hatching… I’ve walked 5 miles each day for the last 3 days and none of the eggs that I have gotten recently are hatching.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We’re updating the list on daily basis. Different Pokemon are hatching from Eggs at the moment, and we’re gathering info. Have a great day!

  5. I have a 12k egg and I’m trying to find out the best incubator. Suggestions please and thank you.

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