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Battlefield 2042 Best AC-42 Attachments

Ok, so I promised that I would do another Assault Rifle attachment breakdown, even though they do not seem like the best option at this moment, at least not until the next balance update drops. As Battlefield 2042 promised, the Bloom on the ARs will be reduced, but still, the AC-42 doesn’t seem as dependant on it as other Assault Rifles. Therefore, I decided to choose my personal best weapon attachments for the AC-42, as I’ve had a lot of fun times.

The AC-42 is the newest Russian Assault Rifle, which comprises both single and burst fire modes. As the game prescribes it, the weapon introduces a non-traditional bullpup layout to provide a compact frame without sacrificing barrel length and accuracy. You might think it’s a bit of a downgrade compared to the complete automatic ARs like the AK-24, but it’s not. It shoots extremely fast that compensates for the missing full auto mode. A good aim goes a long way with this weapon. Close to Mid Range battles should fall in your favor, especially if you manage to land all three bullets on the target.

Battlefield 2042 Best AC-42 Weapon Attachments

Let’s take a look at the attachments I found to be the best, chosen after eliminating ~500 opponents.

  • Sight: Fusion or K8 Holo, whatever suits you the best. The frames are tiny and allow you to have clear eyesight on the rest of the field despite chasing a target or not.
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue – Yes, the default magazine is probably the best choice, as it offers a better rate of fire and much more stability and recoil control. I’ve tried this personally on a couple of objects, monitoring the kick with each magazine. Using the Standard Issue magazine, the kick is soft and not as punishing as the other magazines, which is weird.
  • Barrel: Tactical Compensator – this enhances the horizontal recoil, which is basically non-existent because we’re using a burst weapon.
  • Underbarrel: Rattlesnake Light Grip – for some reason, it comes out better than the BCG one. They should apply the same properties, but using the Rattlesnake alleviates the extra kick towards the left.

Aiming with the AC-42

Unlike with the other weapons, using the horizontal recoil control attachments seems like the best choice. When using the AC-42, it’s pretty important not to aim for the head. The gun’s burst fire has a slight vertical kick (diagonally to the upper left), which means aiming for the lower abdomen seems like the best option.

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