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Battlefield 2042 Best AK-24 Attachments

Update: It seems that after patch #2 the AK-24 behaves a lot better in terms of horizontal recoil, so there’s no point in keeping the horizontal recoil barrel attachment. Also, the Drum Magazine now performs worse than the Standard Issue / Extended Mag, so we had to make adjustments. Spraying feels a lot easier and you would find yourself better with the 40 bullet mag than the 51 as not only reduces the recoil but also gives you more ammo capacity so that you can endure a longer period of time before you switch to another magazine.

Battlefield 2042 is now officially out. I’ve played Battlefield 2042 a lot in the Early Access, and I found that the PP-29 is the most common weapon used. But this time, we’ll skip it and talk about a different gun coming from the Assault Rifles family, the AK-24, which in fact, is a very decent weapon for close to mid-range combat. A small guide on which weapon attachments seemed the best for me and hopefully would give the same enjoyment to you too.

You probably think I am delusional, and the Assault Rifles are awful in their current state. Well, I could agree that the bloom is sort of bad on every AR, but every single Battlefield 2042 game, I am around 30+ kills and have already got to T1 mastery. Therefore, I am here to help you designate the best AK-24 attachments, or at least what works for me the best.

I know how much of you love playing Assault Rifle, even though there’s not a reason to do so at this moment. The AK-24 is not a viable option judging by everyone’s opinion, but try to reiterate that opinion once you unlock all of the attachments.

Battlefield 2042 Best AK-24 Attachments

For this weapon to work, you would pretty much need sufficient mastery to unlock all of the attachments I am currently using, especially the drum magazine. It allows you to spray the hell out of your targets, and once you get familiar with its recoil pattern, you will be unstoppable. Below you can find the attachments I am currently using.

  • Sight: Fusion Holo
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue / Extended Mag
  • Underbarrel: Rattlesnake Light Grip
  • Barrel: Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake or Champion Muzzle Brake

All of the attachments above are chosen based on gameplay performance, and most of them are used to negate difficulties encountered in matches. Believe me, I am as tryhard as you probably are, and I do believe they are the best for a pure run and gun assault player. The Fusion Holo is my latest change, which I didn’t believe would fit good on the AK-24 at all. It turned out to be awesome and well paired with a solid aim.

Overall said, it’s all about your aim rather than the gun performance. Below you can find the image of the attachments I am running as a backup. I very rarely use them, except for the underbarrels, which might come good sometimes.

I don’t like the other magazines, and I use them only if I am out of ammo. Having the Drum Magazine is overpowered as it lets you genuinely dip yourself behind enemy lines and knock out a couple of them without having to reload. Again, this is more of a CQB build and it’s well paired with Sundance.

For my gadgets, I use Proximity Sensor and C5. The Proximity sensor allows me to pinpoint the enemy position and play around it, while the C5 is to get rid of the pesky hovercrafts or armored vehicles. A good combination of power and tactics, as I’d like to say. I hope this loadout finds you well. Keep in mind that you should get used to the AK-24 recoil first, then unlock all the stuff, which might be painful in the end. But hey, tryhards never surrender, right?

In the meantime… working on another Assault Rifle weapon.

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