Battlefield 2042 have plenty of fixes on the way

Hey Battlefield lovers, how does Battlefield 2042 feel like? Even though I know the answer to this question, I am here to cheer you up a bit and let you know that DICE is preparing for something big. Despite the negative review bombing on Steam by people who never had experienced a Battlefield launch before, Battlefield 2042 might be on a great path to success.

Battlefield 2042’s fall under rough bugs and issues is soon to be forgotten, as DICE is aware of the flaws and conspicuous game technicalities players frowned upon. DICE is currently tackling several Battlefield 2042 matters, as reported by Battlefield Bulletin. The intel for the upcoming changes was gathered directly from @DRUNKKZ3, the lead game designer at EA DICE.

So, what exactly is happening at EA DICE, and what is the company currently focusing on? Below you can find the list of tweaks coming to the game, answered by the developers and provided by Battlefield Bulletin, a fan-based Twitter profile holding news about Battlefield 2042.

  • Rubber banding when getting hit by heli/jet rockets.
  • Hammer and wrench New options for icons transparency & scaling.
  • Hammer and wrench Missile relock not working correctly.
  • Hammer and wrench Ammunition boxes not replenishing while you’re in a vehicle.

Aside from these four issues, the developer has also revealed that the respawn bug will be exterminated by providing a server-side fix. If that doesn’t work, the developer has already planned up something else for the upcoming update.

Other balances are also highlighted. The hovercraft faces a nerf, while the ARs will no longer correspond with the same chunk of Bloom they had, which is all queued up for arrival with the next update. The Nightbird helicopter will face a nerf similar to the hovercraft, and its armor and weapons won’t be as powerful as before.

Overall, it seems like EA Dice is on an excellent route to success, and we’re looking forward to seeing the upcoming changes in power.

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