Battlefield 2042 players are making Sundance Wingsuit Trainer Modes in Portal

A significant contribution to the anticipation of Battlefield 2042 goes to Battlefield 2042’s Portal, allowing players to unleash their creative side. With Portal, players can create tons of custom game modes, which existence is in an ascending phase. Some game modes have grown quite a lot, becoming a flagship carrier of all the custom games. One of them is Andy’s Wingsuit Trainer, which is a training course for Battlefield 2042’s most exciting specialist due to her wingsuit, Sundance.

Even if Portal suffered from XP farmers at the very beginning when the game launched, DICE was swift and disabled the XP gain from custom games in Portal. But that doesn’t necessarily mean players cannot farm both specialist and weapon mastery.

The player limits in Battlefield 2042’s Portal are simply non-existent, and they could do whatever they want. Recently, there has been a new and fascinating game mode, basically an obstacle course that allows players to practice flying with Sundance.

Andy’s Wingsuit Trainer can be accessed with the code AAJY99 but can also be searched for the server name in Battlefield 2042’s Portal. Below you can find a video of Andy’s Wingsuit Trainer v1.0, a custom game mode that serves to enhance your wingsuit skills with Sundance.

Imagine, this is only the beginning of Portal. Once it grows bigger, we’re maybe going to get a good Escape From Tarkov mode in it. What do you think?

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