Battlefield 2042 will support Nvidia Ray Tracing after all

Aside from Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex, Nvidia’s Ray Tracing technology was believed to arrive in Battlefield 2042 at a later stage. The idea was imbued to fans shortly after the rumors, which indirectly declined such an arrival. Until today, everyone believed that Ray Tracing won’t be coming to Battlefield 2042 at launch, even if Battlefield V had it included previously as its predecessor. Nvidia’s official website just claimed that Nvidia Ray Tracing is indeed coming to Battlefield 2042.

At first, it was stated that Nvidia Ray Tracing won’t be included in Battlefield 2042 at launch for later to witness a turn of events. Nvidia’s latest news article states that the rendering method that stimulates the physical behavior of light will be supported by Battlefield 2042. Hence, Ray Traced ambient occlusion won’t be missing in the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise. Players will get the opportunity to delve into an eventful and visually enhanced Battlefield 2042.

As the company stated:

Only a GeForce RTX graphics card, desktop, or laptop will deliver the definitive Battlefield 2042 PC experience. Accelerate performance with the critically acclaimed NVIDIA DLSS, enhance image quality with ray-traced ambient occlusion, and optimize system latency with NVIDIA Reflex. And through GeForce Experience you can download and install our Battlefield 2042 Game Ready Driver with just a few clicks.

Ray tracing refines graphics, creating more realistic scenes that help immerse you in the action. In Battlefield 2042, EA and DICE are introducing Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion, which accurately adds shadows where game elements occlude light. Be that between a soldier and a wall, a tank and the tarmac, or foliage and the ground.

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