Escape From Tarkov Announces New Ballistics In Patch 12.12

Battlestate Games is preparing for the next major Escape From Tarkov update 12.12 and has recently announced new ballistic changes coming with patch 12.12. Some ammo types will work slightly differently, as their old trajectories won’t remain the same. The release date for Escape From Tarkov’s upcoming major update 12.12 and wipe remains unknown but should occur rather sooner than later.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ballistic updates provided by Battlestate Games today. The images below contain ballistic information at different zeroing, and some of the most used ammunition will also be impacted. All of the upcoming changes to ballistics with patch 12.12 can be found below.

Escape From Tarkov Patch 12.12 Upcoming Changes to Ballistics

9x19mm Pst gzh drop (50 m zeroing)

9×39 mm SP6 gs drop (100 m zeroing)

12/70 Lead slug drop (25m zeroing)

20/70 “Poleva-3” slug drop (25 m zeroing)

4.6x30mm Action SX drop (100 m zeroing)

5.7x28mm l191 drop (100m zeroing)

.366 TKM AP-M drop (100 m zeroing)

5.45x39mm PS gs drop (100 m zeroing)

5.56x45mm M855 drop (100 m zeroing)

7.62x25mm TT FMJ43 drop (50 m zeroing)


7.62x39mm BP gzh drop (100 m zeroing)

7.62x51mm M80 drop (100 m zeroing)

7.62x54R LPS gzh drop (100 m zeroing)

.45 ACP Match FMJ drop (50 m zeroing)

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