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Escape From Tarkov is looking very solid at this moment

If you're tired of BF2042, then I'd say to come back and try EFT

I departed from one of my favorite shooter games, which had quickly brought me to around 3000 hours of gameplay. That is Escape From Tarkov, which in my eyes is incomparable to any other shooter game, with a unique style of gameplay. It could be easily said that it’s one of the most realistic shooters on the market after experiencing tons of other shooter games. Now, the break is over, as I have decided to come back and experience what the game offers after the migration to the Unity 2019 engine.

First and foremost, the game seems quite fluid at this very moment. I am enjoying every bit of it, and considering we’re late in the wipe, I can confirm that the number of cheaters has plummeted. In around 20 raids done over the weekend, I haven’t noticed a single suspicious occurrence, which is what you love to see in a game like Escape From Tarkov. Considering that everything you bring is on the brink of loss at any given point in the raid, you’re pushed to play smart and plan your moves accordingly. Yes, I am not talking about the chads. Instead, I am backing up the rats, which behavior makes this game a lot more intense.

But back to my main subject. Escape From Tarkov has received a series of updates which I have paid attention to but haven’t decided to delve in until this weekend. Now that I am back, I can verify the game’s fluidity, and compare it to when I left. All I can say it’s like a day and night difference. Cheaters are hard to be found, the game’s performance is on a much higher level, and desync is not as frequent as before. It seems that BSG is on a solid track so far.

This writing has also been inspired by the latest update, which was released today. A minor update that is supposed to improve some technical matters. While the patch notes are still absent, the confirmation for its deployment has been escorted on Battlestate Games’ official Twitter profile, which confirms it is a technical update.

Previously, Battlestate Games released a roadmap, highlighting the upcoming maps Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov coming in the mix. The developer has also noted that a VoIP feature is currently in the testing phase, and it’s likely to be released with the next major update. It was also stated that three new anti-cheat layers should be imported that will help the detection of cheaters in the game. All of this will probably be escorted with a wipe, and we’re in around that period of the year. So, are you ready for another fresh beginning in Escape From Tarkov?

Verdict: Everything feels much smoother than it was before, and if you had taken a break from the game, I would strongly advise you to come back and give it a try.

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