Escape From Tarkov Tweet Indicates Possible Pre-Wipe Event

On Wednesday, the developers of Escape From Tarkov have posted what seems to be a tease for an upcoming event, a pre-wipe event, or a complete wipe. Judging by the conversation, thanks to the translators on Twitter, the topic circulates Vodka and the removal of some goods acquired for coins. We know how Nikita praises the healthy juice, but could this alcoholic beverage be a celebratory drink for an upcoming wipe? I certainly hope so.

First and foremost, judging by previous wipes, we should be close to one. Battlestate Games had some time to patch through and monitor the performance and behavior of the Unity 2019 engine, which should turn out beneficial for everyone. The wipe before the last one occurred in late November 2021, if my memory serves me well. So, it wouldn’t be weird if a fresh wipe follows after a series of pre-wipe events.

Below you can find the image of the conversation posted by Battlestate Games on Twitter. The text is in Russian, and the translation goes as follows:

  • Have you spotted anything weird about those Vodka reports?
  • Yeah, Cool thing. However, I haven’t understood what the deal is at first.
  • Yeah, the first-timers get the hang of it quickly, so got to do everything quietly.
  • I visited your traders, Soplya. They said that all the recent goods available for golden coins had been removed from the market. Now only the old stuff is available for purchase. They say GP coin is not worth anymore, but the info seems old. Alright, whatever, is everything still on for this Saturday?

Below you can find the image of the conversation posted by Battlestate Games.

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