Fortnite’s Next Chapter is Just Around the Corner

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  • Fortnite Chapter 3 Event Starting Times

With the ending of Chapter 2, Season 8, every clue points out to a brand new Chapter 3 in Fortnite. There will be an in-game event as always, and it’s supposed to be something big. Similar to the transition between the previous chapters, Chapter 3 might introduce us to a brand new terrain or even take us on a nostalgic journey and bring the old and original Fortnite world back.

The ending event is surrounding the Cube Queen which has been working her job and gathering Cubes in the middle of the Fortnite island. All of the indicators prove to be something big related to that and will most probably traverse with a sensational fashion.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Event Countdown and Starting Time

HypeX, one of the notorious Fortnite leakers, has claimed that the Event countdown will appear in-game very soon and include an “End Of Season XP Bonus,” while the event itself will occur on December 4th at 9 PM UTC / 4 PM ET.

Right as I was writing this article, Fortnite’s official Twitter profile has confirmed the ending of Chapter 2. The Chapter 2 Finale will occur on 12.4.21 at 4 PM ET.

Everyone’s eager to find out the next step of Epic Games and Fortnite’s saga, so if you’re among them, make sure you go in-game as soon as you can because the countdown timer should already be up and running. Maybe there will be some other clues about the upcoming event.

We remember that the last time Epic Games ended a Chapter’s era was by shutting down the whole game for a couple of days. So what would happen now? Could there be a breakthrough of something more significant than a regular event that would assign the start of the new chapter?

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