Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Returns To Rockstar Games Launcher

Everyone can finally play the Trilogy, while Rockstar Games apologizes for the recent events

Throughout the previous week, Rockstar Games had removed Grand Theft Auto Trilogy from its launcher, leaving everyone without a chance of buying and playing the game. The game was not available for purchase beginning November 12 due to an issue with Rockstar’s launcher, which must be used to play the PC trilogy on this platform. Thankfully though, their company is back up and running today, so players can once again enjoy all three games they have cooked up together!

The highly anticipated remastered collection is finally available to play. It was sad to see when the Rockstar Games Launcher went down for maintenance, and then owners could not purchase or download GTA before it disappeared from sale altogether.

The much-coveted re-release arrived on PC recently after months, maybe years worth of anticipation that had many gamers reaching into their wallets or clicking “refresh” constantly so that they could see if new content would become available soon enough. Below you can find Rockstar Games Official statement about the return of GTA: The Trilogy to Rockstar Games’

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