Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Progression System is Jerry Hook’s Primary Objective

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has had an incredible journey so far. The fans are excited for the game and its future, as everything so far has been escorted in bright light. But there’s still a dubiosity on Halo Infinite’s future, as players are addressing a list of complaints about the game’s current progression system. 343 Industries is closely monitoring the rebellions, and recently, the Head of Design at 343 Industries, Jerry Hook, has decided to comment on the matter.

According to Jerry Hook, the progression has been quite a rough course for players, and he’s aware of that. He stated that he’s “feeling everyone’s pain on progression.” Furthermore, Jerry noted that he and his team’s priority is addressing the progression, and it’s currently at the top of his list with the team. Below you can find the official statement as posted on Twitter.

By progression, players are worried about the experience and the reward system, especially the one introduced by the stuffed Battle Pass. According to them, the XP should be rewarded for completing matches. The better you perform throughout the game, the higher the XP you should be getting, which indirectly ties it to your in-game performance before all. So these two things should be completely separate and not jammed into one mechanic. To get to peculiar unlocks, as in most other games, reaching a preemptively set milestone could turn out to be a necessity instead of having a linear progression that’s quite disruptive for most of the players.

So, changes to XP gains should be performed very soon, while the rewards shouldn’t necessarily be tied to it. Completing challenges should indeed grant you a more significant amount of XP, but successful games should contribute even more than that. Now that we know that 343 Industries is whirling around trying to find an issue, we feel relieved. Considering Halo Infinite’s super early timeline gives everyone hope, as it will most likely develop into a much better, outstanding, and smooth gameplay experience for everyone.

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