Leak Says Halo Infinite’s Campaign Unlocks Won’t Include Armor Pieces

A new leak has struck most Halo players, especially those who hoped to unlock some exciting Armor packs that will make them stand up in the multiplayer version of the Battlefield. Sadly, that won’t happen as the Campaign version of the game is not planned to grant Armor Pieces at all. Instead, it will give stance, coatings, charms, and emblems solely.

In a recent Tweet made by Chaz The Jackal, you could see all the bits and pieces locked behind the single-player version, which are missing the Armor pieces that most of the fans of the multiplayer were hoping for. You can find the tweet below:

Apparently, there are 34 unlockables, among which the coatings are the only ones to be used for weapons, armor, and vehicles that could also be applied in Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer. It seems that the players are currently stuck to those available in the multiplayer version of the game, which are accessible behind a Battle Pass.

Halo Infinite has gone gold, and it’s ready to launch on December 8. Just a reminder, “gone gold means that the game is finally polished and ready for disc print before its distribution cycle begins.

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