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Pokemon Go Flash, Spark, and Gleam Special Research Quest Storyline

Trainers, the next Community Day event in Pokemon Go is going live on November 21, 2021, featuring Shinx, Shiny Shinx, a new charged attack, many bonuses, and a Special Research story Flash, Spark, and Gleam.

Pokemon Go November 2021 Community Day event will bring Shinx and a new pay-to-play Special Research will also be available. To access the Shinx Community Day Special Research you must get a ticket.

This ticket will automatically activate to give you access to the Special Research Flash, Spark, and Gleam on November 21, wherever you are in the world.

The Flash, Spark, and Gleam Special Research quest in Pokemon Go consists of four parts, and many tasks and rewards.

Shinx Community Day Flash, Spark, and Gleam Special Research Storyline

Hey there %PLAYERNAME%! Hope you’ve been well.

Just last night, I saw some shining lights in a nearby park, but by the time I came upon the scene, the area was empty.

I get a sense that this might be some interesting behavior from an Electric-type Pokémon based on the way the light flickered, but I can’t be sure!

Can I get your help investigating? Maybe these Pokémon are still around and we just need to do some exploring to find them!

Well would you look at that: it was Shinx, the Flash Pokémon!

This checks out with what I’ve heard about this cute little creature.

Shinx sends signals to others of its kind by shaking the tip of its tail while the tail tip is shining brightly.

It was probably a group of Shinx communicating to one another that I saw!

While you’re here with your Shinx, let’s do some more research into its Evolutions!

Apparently strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. Sharp and electrifying—what an interesting creature! Let’s learn more about it, shall we?

Well done, %PLAYERNAME%, you’ve got yourself a Luxio!

Also known as the Spark Pokémon, they collectively generate powerful electricity from their claws by gathering their tails together.

Fascinating! Shinx can use their tails to communicate with one another and Luxio can use their tails to collectively generate powerful electric attacks.

I wonder what else we can learn from this family of Pokémon? There’s just one Evolution left! Let’s see what else there is to learn!

Luxray—the Gleaming Eyes Pokémon! Apparently its eyes are gleaming because it can see through solid objects.

It will instantly spot prey trying to hide behind walls, even if the walls are thick! What a powerful and interesting use of its electric ability.

What an electrifying day! We’ve learned so much about Shinx and its Evolutions today, and there’s still so much to discover too.

If you’ve still got a little spark in you, why not head out there and see what else there is to learn? Let’s GO!

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