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Pokemon Go Pokemon Brilliant Diamond All Shiny Pokemon

Trainers, the new event in Pokemon Go is right around the corner, and during the event times, you’ll be able to catch a lot of shiny Pokemon, some even available in the game for the first time.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are celebrating the launch of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with a special in-game event, featuring an increased spawn rate of specific Pokemon, new costume Pokemon, different Pokemon in Raids and Mega Raids, shiny Pokemon encounters, and new shinies.

The Pokemon Go Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl is a two-part event, running from November 16, 2021, to November 21, 2021.

The first part Pokemon Brilliant Diamond runs from November 16, 2021, to November 18, 2021, and here is a list of all shiny Pokemon available during the Pokemon Go Part 1 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

Pokemon Go Shiny Pokemon Available During Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

  • Aron
  • Bagon
  • Bidoof
  • Bonsly
  • Bronzor
  • Budew
  • Buizel
  • Buneary
  • Burmy
  • Costume Chimchar: Lucas and Dawn Hat
  • Costume Piplup: Lucas and Dawn Hat
  • Costume Turtwig: Lucas and Dawn Hat
  • Cranidos
  • Cresselia
  • Drifloon
  • Gible
  • Happiny
  • Kricketot
  • Larvitar
  • Mega Loppuny
  • Mime. Jr.
  • Murkrow
  • Poochyena
  • Riolu
  • Scyther
  • Seel
  • Shieldon

The Pokemon Go Part 1 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond event starts on November 16, 2021, and ends on November 18, 2021. We recommend taking advantage of the shiny Pokemon spawns available during the event because their shiny rate will most likely be boosted and will be easy to find and catch them.

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