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Pokemon Go Welcome to Pokemon Go Special Research Quest

Trainers, a new player Special Research Welcome to Pokemon Go! is coming to Pokemon Go, and newcomers will have a chance to learn more about the game, complete the given tasks and get all the bonuses.

The Welcome to Pokemon Go Special Research quest consists of nine parts, many easy to complete tasks, and useful bonuses. This Special Research is designed to help and guide new Pokemon Go players. Along the way, new Pokemon Go players will learn how to catch Pokemon, throw a Poke Ball, transfer Pokemon, etc.

Now, thanks to the world’s greatest Pokemon Go miners, we know more about the upcoming Special Research. The Welcome to Pokemon Go Special Research is a nine-stage Research and here is the storyline.

Welcome to Pokemon Go Research Storyline

Hi there! It’s so nice to meet you %PLAYERNAME%. My name is Professor Willow, I’m a researcher of Pokémon and will be guiding you on your Trainer journey – and what a journey it’ll be!

You’ll also be helping me a ton with my research along the way.

First things first, you’ll need to learn how to do three things: catch Pokémon, throw a Curveball, and transfer Pokémon.

You can catch Pokémon with a Poké Ball.

Depending on how expertly you aim your Poké Ball at the center of the Pokémon and the timing of your throw, you can achieve Nice, Great, or Excellent throws.

Curveballs are more advanced throws you can make that can help you grow as a Trainer too. Simply spin the ball as you throw it.

It’s OK if you don’t get it at first – practice makes perfect after all!

Once you’ve caught some Pokémon, you can keep them in your Pokémon Inventory or transfer them to my mobile lab in return for that Pokémon’s Candy.

Don’t worry about Candy for now, I’ll explain more about that later on. Now let’s GO and catch some Pokémon, shall we?

Hello again, %PLAYERNAME%! How was catching and transferring Pokémon? Not too bad after the first few tries, right?

Soon you’ll be throwing Excellent Curveballs as naturally as a Water-type Pokémon swims in water!

I’d like to talk to you about an item that I’ve created with my research called Incense.

It emits a fragrance that is irresistible to Pokémon, making them come to you, instead of having you go to them! Handy, eh?

This tool is surely an important one that any Trainer should have in their Items.

Speaking of items, have you heard of Berries? There are several Berries that Pokémon enjoy eating, and they each have different effects. For example: the Nanab Berry.

Nanab Berries calm active Pokémon down to make aiming your Poké Ball an easier task.

Let’s give one a try, shall we? Go ahead and use an Incense and then a Nanab Berry to help you catch a new Pokémon friend!

Hello, %PLAYERNAME%! Great work catching those Pokémon with the help of those Berries.

f you’re ever running low on Berries or Poké Balls, you can always stop by your nearest PokéStop to get more!

Spinning the Photo Disc will grant you those items and sometimes other extra goodies too, as well as grant you Field Research tasks to do to encounter more Pokémon or receive more items.

PokéStops are usually located at interesting places, like a building, a public park, or a local café.

They appear to encourage Trainers to explore new places they might never have considered exploring before. Isn’t that exciting?

Let’s get to exploring then!

Aren’t discovering new places fun? What I love best about being a professor that specializes in field research is that my curiosity always takes me to new and exciting locations.

I hope you got to learn a bit more about the world around you while exploring those PokéStops!

You know what always makes adventures more fun? Why, that’s a buddy of course!

Any Pokémon can become a Buddy Pokémon with enough love and care – they’ll even walk alongside you while you’re out exploring!

An important part of being a good Trainer is cultivating your relationship with your Pokémon.

You can do this by playing with them, giving them treats, taking photos of them, and battling with them.

When you do, your friendship with them will improve and they’ll join you on your adventure.

Eventually, they can even become your Best Buddy and gain a Best Buddy ribbon! When walking around with you, you can also earn additional Candy with them.

We’ll cover the importance of Candy when you come back, but for now, how about you pick your favorite Pokémon and spend some time with them?

Hey there %PLAYERNAME%! Wow, your buddy’s lookin’ pretty happy! Call me a softie, but seeing Pokémon happy always makes me feel happy too.

When we take care of our Pokémon, they care of us back and I think that’s just neat.

I see you’ve earned some Candy while exploring with your buddy! It’s now time to learn about what we use Candy for: powering up and Evolving Pokémon!

The Candy you earn from catching, transferring, and adventuring with Pokémon can be used in this way.

Another resource that you need is Stardust, which can be earned by catching and hatching Pokémon, and from other places too like completing research and opening Gifts.

Evolving Pokémon helps you complete your Pokédex and learn all about your Pokémon’s potential! There are even some Pokémon that evolve in unique ways.

Be sure to check your Pokémon’s page to learn more about how to Evolve them. If you’re interested in making your Pokémon stronger, then Powering Up is the way to go.

You can also ask your Team Leader to appraise your Pokémon!

You should have a pretty hefty supply of Candy and Stardust built up from completing the previous research tasks. Let’s get to evolving and powering up some Pokémon!

Incredible work, %PLAYERNAME%! Your Pokémon look stronger than ever. Did you learn anything new when evolving or powering up your Pokémon?

When I see a Pokémon discover new possibilities within itself, it makes me feel like I’m capable of anything too!

However, there’s just as much to learn about Pokémon in some of their earliest forms too – specifically ones from Eggs!

You guessed it, the next thing we’re going to learn about are Eggs and Pokémon that can hatch from them.

There are 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km that you can receive by spinning PokéStops, 7 km Eggs that you can receive by opening Gifts.

To hatch these Eggs, you’ll need to place them in an Incubator and travel the distance indicated!

Some Incubators help Eggs hatch faster by decreasing the distance needed to explore, so be wise and intentional with which ones to use when.

There are other Eggs as well, such as Strange Eggs that you can receive by defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders.

You shouldn’t worry about encountering them soon, but when you do, you’ll have a chance to receive one of these 12 km Eggs from those battles.

You should have a handful of Eggs in your bag already. Let’s get to hatching some, shall we?

Look at all the adorable Pokémon you’ve hatched, %PLAYERNAME%! What an accomplishment, I know you must’ve traveled quite a bit to hatch these little ones.

Being a dedicated Trainer takes quite a bit of work, don’t you say? However – we can’t forget to have a little bit of fun too!

You’ll see in your Bag that you have a Camera. You can use this Camera to take snapshots of your Pokémon to commemorate all sorts of moments and memories.

Snapshots can be taken from three places: when encountering wild Pokémon, from viewing your Pokémon in your Box, and when interacting with your buddy.

Let’s give it a shot! A…snapshot, that is, ha ha!

%PLAYERNAME%, I am looking through the photos you took and I have to say I’m quite impressed!

Have you considered moonlighting as a Pokémon photographer? You have the chops for it, that’s for sure!

While you’ve been adventuring and taking photos, I’m sure you’ve come across these structures.

They’re bigger than PokéStops and come in four colors, depending on which team (or a lack thereof) is currently controlling it.

They’re called Gyms and being a Trainer also includes knowing how to battle in them!

Red Gyms are controlled by Team Valor, led by the headstrong Candela, blue Gyms are controlled by Team Mystic, headed up by the analytical Blanche,

and yellow Gyms are controlled by Team Instinct, whose proud leader is the incomparable Spark. He’s known for following his gut.

Gray Gyms are neutral and currently have no team that controls them.

In Gyms controlled by your team, if there are less than six Pokémon in there already, you can leave Pokémon to defend the Gym on your behalf.

In Gyms controlled by other teams, you can battle to try to claim it. Find a Gym that’s controlled by a different team and give battling a shot!

I’d like you to also learn how to battle effectively, so try to use a Pokémon that has a Charged Attack that’s Super Effective against the types of Pokémon currently defending that Gym.

Different Pokémon and their moves have different types, and those types have weaknesses to other types.

For example, Fire-type Pokémon are weak against Water-type moves. Be strategic in battle, %PLAYERNAME%! I know you can do it.

Let’s see what you’re made of, %PLAYERNAME%! Get out there and battle in some Gyms.

How was that workout, %PLAYERNAME%? Get it, because you were just battling at a Gym? Ha ha! Just kidding, I know it’s Pokémon battling at them and not you.

Anywho, did you notice that some Gyms you couldn’t battle against its Gym defenders and instead were faced with a single Pokémon?

Those are called raid bosses and those battles are called Raid Battles!

Most battles involve one Pokémon fighting another, but in Raid Battles, you can battle alongside friends and other Trainers to take down one Pokémon together.

These Pokémon are sometimes rare and powerful and can only be found in raids.

Before entering one, make sure your Pokémon are as powerful as can be! This is where your Candy and Stardust can come into good use – by powering up your most powerful Pokémon!

Give that a shot first and then take your chance at a raid. If you don't succeed, find local other local Trainers to team up with.

You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try right?

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