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Pokemon Go With Light Comes Shadow Featuring Giovanni and New Shadow Legendary Pokemon

With the new Festival of Lights event, it looks like Team GO Rocket will be up to no good again. Just when we thought he was gone for good, The Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni has been lurking in the shadows, and this time he is coming back even stronger. Giovanni has turned another Legendary pokemon into a Shadow Pokemon. Who knows, we might see Shado Lugia next.

The With Light Comes Shadow event begins on November 9, 2021, and Team Go Rocket will be up to no good again. This time they are after Hoopa Unbound, and the Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni is coming back even stronger, and he has turned another Legendary Pokemon into a Shadow Pokemon. There is no word which Legendary Pokemon he will use this time, so as soon as we find out you’ll be the first to know.

Now, thanks to PokeMiners, we can take a peek at what’s coming next in Pokemon Go, and trust me, it looks very exciting.

Niantic and Pokemon Go mentioned that Team Go Rocket plans to strike on November 9, 2021, and that’s because the Festival of Lights event and Professor Willow’s research into Hoopa have caught their attention. The text below was recently added to Pokemon Go’s GM file and can change at any moment.

So far, Giovanni has had the following Shadow Legendary Pokemon:

  • Shadow Articuno
  • Shadow Zapdos
  • Shadow Moltres
  • Shadow Raikou
  • Shadow Entei
  • Shadow Suicune
  • Shadow Mewtwo
  • Shadow Ho-Oh

Which Shadow Legendary Pokemon do you want to see next? We expect to see Shadow Lugia next, but this is just our wish.

Well hello, %PLAYERNAME%! Welcome back. It’s around this time of year that nights in the Northern Hemisphere begin growing longer and longer. The sun shines brighter while it’s up, though, so it’s a pretty fair trade!

If you ask me, this is a prime opportunity to ponder the power of light and darkness—both literally and metaphorically. I wonder what darkness our little friend Hoopa has had to overcome? I have a feeling its mischievous reputation may hang over it like a shadow at times.

What’s more, I can’t help but wonder how and why its power was confined.

Pokémon are an endless source of mystery. We may never know all their secrets, but it’s a researcher’s job to shine a light into the darkest depths of the unknown and illuminate whatever answers we can!

For me, darkness is an opportunity to learn something new. To make discoveries! We’ve learned so much about Hoopa in our research, and in some ways, I think we may have learned a bit about ourselves, too.

But enough of my rambling! How about you head on out there and enjoy the light, %PLAYERNAME%? You’ve earned it.

I’m glad to see you again, Trainer! I was out on a walk and got to thinking about your journey with Hoopa thus far.

It seems that Hoopa’s really taken a shine to you. Do you think it may show us more of its power soon? A professor can dream, I suppose.

Why don’t you check back again in a bit, %PLAYERNAME%, after you’ve spent a tad more time with Hoopa.

I’m glad to see you, %PLAYERNAME%. I wish I had better news, but it looks like Team GO Rocket is stirring up trouble once again!

While out on patrol, Spark and Candela overheard some Team GO Rocket Grunts discussing the organization’s next move. They want to capture Hoopa! It seems their orders came straight from Giovanni himself.

I shudder to think that all this time Giovanni may have been lurking in the shadows just behind us, reaping the benefits of our research. Scheming as we studied Hoopa…

There’s no time to lose—we have to stop them! Hoopa Unbound is incredibly powerful, and I have no doubt that Giovanni intends to use it for some sinister purpose.

You know better than most, %PLAYERNAME%: Hoopa may be capable of terrifying things, but it’s still a Pokémon. It must be protected!

We’ve also gotten word that Giovanni has turned another Legendary Pokémon into a Shadow Pokémon! The team leaders and I will do what we can, but we’ll need your help if we’re to defeat Giovanni, save the Legendary Shadow Pokémon, and keep Hoopa safe.

Incredible work, %PLAYERNAME%! You’ve successfully defeated Team GO Rocket yet again and saved another Legendary Shadow Pokémon—and Hoopa, too!

Speaking of Hoopa, I have a sneaking suspicion that because of your kindness, we might just be lucky enough to witness it as Hoopa Unbound someday soon. What a sight that will be, eh?

We’ve come a long way in our research, and unlocking Hoopa’s true power may be the final trial in this mysterious saga. Are you ready, Trainer? Let’s GO!

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