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What are the Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom?

Niantic and Nintendo have blessed us with a partnership, and the result from it is the newest game called Pikmin Bloom.

This game, as described, gives its users a unique experience and chance of growing their custom Pikmin team, and as you know, Pikmin are small, plant-like creatures that are invisible to the human eye. These creatures can be taken on a daily walk, giving you some joy in these boring and grey times.

Pikmin are off-springs of seedlings, which will grow up to be a follower of yours for all eternity. These tiny creatures are fans of fruit nectar, and they grow flowers on their head when they are full and satisfied.
In Pikmin Bloom, you can notice big colorful flowers, and they are very intriguing. Several people wonder, what is the deal with these flowers? Well, from what we know, while walking around exploring, you can plant flowers.

Some of them are named Big Flowers and they have three forms called Leaf, Bud, and Blooming. These Big Flowers have their radius, seen on the screen. By selecting a Big Flower, it gives you information on how many flowers can be planted.

The interesting thing is that to get a Big Flower you need to plant around 300 flowers. However, if you plant 600 flowers in the radius, then you can get a Big Flower that will have the option to bloom. The Big Flower has a growth cycle, and it resets after twenty-three hours. As we mentioned, the Big Flower blooms, and it can turn into whichever flower is represented the most (if the Big Flower is surrounded by blue flowers, the bigger chance is that it will bloom into some type of a blue flower).

A crucial move for planting flowers is the choice of them. This is very important because depending on which flowers you plant, your Big Flower can bloom into a Rare Flower that may give you more nectar.

There is a task called “Walk to make flowers bloom” meaning that if you walk with your Pikmin, the flowers you encounter on your walk will bloom. And as mentioned above, the more you feed your Pikmin with nectar, the more flowers appear on its head. And as you walk with your tiny pal, you will be leaving a trail unique to you.

Pikmin Bloom is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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