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Escape From Tarkov “Debut” Quest Guide

As I have promised before, we’ll focus more on creating guides for the already existing quests. Delving into this will be a challenging road, but also exciting. So, let’s kick off with Prapor’s questline starting with Debut. Updated with 0.12.12.

Escape From Tarkov Debut Quest Details

Debut Quest Image

Debut is the name of the first Quest in Escape From Tarkov, given by Prapor. By this, you’re starting his journey, as he will send you on multiple tasks from his questline.

Quest Dialogue

Hello there, soldier. What are you interested in? Cash? Goods? Ah, you want a job… Sure, I’ll give you a job… after you show me who you are and what you’re made of. It’s the first time I see you and no offense, I don’t give important tasks to everyone. Show me how tough you are in the field. If you can handle it, then you’ll have cash, better goods, sweeter prices – well, you get me. Logical enough, right? Well, fine. Listen for your test assignment then. There are tons of bandits on Customs, roaming all over thearea, we call them Scavs. Calm down, say, five of those parasites and grab a pair of MP-133 shotguns from them. Going to be your debut. Well, get down to business, soldier! Dismissed.


  • Eliminate Scavs on Customs – 5/5
  • Obtain and hand over MP-133 12ga shotguns – 0/2


  • Experience: +1700
  • +0.02 reputation
  • PP-91 “Kedr” 9x18PM submachine gun
  • 60 9x18mm PM BZhT gzh
  • 15000 Roubles
  • Unlock Kalashnikov AKS-74U 5.45×39 assault rifle for purchase

Reward Dialogue

So, you got the job done, great. Probably just bought the shotguns off some trader for cheap, huh? Well, whatever, they’ll still be useful. We’ll continue our partnership until you screw up for real.


Ok, so for this quest you will need to go to Customs, as it requires you to kill 5 Scavs on that map. Then, prapor also asks you to hand him 2 MP-133 12ga shotguns, which are exceedingly easy to find, because you will actually buy them as they don’t need to be found in raid. But how to do that?

  • First and foremost, you will need to get your PMC to level 3, which is fairly easy to do.
  • Mechanic will give you Gunsmith 1 Quest, and right after accepting that one you will be eligible for taking the quest named “Introduction”.
  • Complete the quest on Woods and unlock Jaeger from the traders.
  • But the MP-133 is directly from him and hand them to Prapor.

This is the most efficient way and it’s easier to do it rather earlier than later in the wipe. Everyone is rushing to do this, so I would advise you to try and prioritize this task.

As for the Scavs on Customs, they are easy to find and kill.

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