Escape From Tarkov’s Evolution Over The Past 6 Years Has Been Huge

This is why BSG Leaps away from other Triple-A developers. Juice Time, Baby!

In the light of the upcoming holidays and New Year, Battlestate Games has hosted another special Livestream on Twitch. During the broadcast, Nikita Buyanov, dressed as Santa Clause, decided to share the company’s achievements over the past six years on its favorite and beloved Escape From Tarkov project. Judging by the data shared, it’s difficult to believe that Escape From Tarkov is an Early Beta game, and even Nikita himself mentioned the same.

So, how much did Escape From Tarkov advance over the past six years?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how much Escape From Tarkov has advanced over the past 6 years. Keep in mind that the game is still in development and it’s far from completion, as it will receive other content updates in the future. One of the major updates scheduled for 2022 is the release of Streets of Tarkov, the upcoming and biggest

EFT: Milestones and Achievements During its whole timeline

  • 27 big patches
  • 15 wipes
  • 71 days median average period between wipes
  • 8 locations created
  • 6 types of factions
  • 7 bosses
  • 18 types of AI groups and behavior
  • 75 unique pieces of clothing
  • 23 unique hats
  • 800 animations
  • 802 average count number of audio files
  • 2169 overall items in the game
  • 35 different categories of items
  • 186 barter items
  • 60 usable items
  • 102 unique weapons
  • 30-70 unique weapon animations
  • 152 unique ammo
  • 11 types of grenades
  • 1421 weapon modification parts
  • 75 unique weapon perimeters
  • 58 unique parameters for ammo types
  • 26 average count number of weapon sounds
  • 79 character levels
  • 35 working skils
  • 24 unique positive or negative character effects
  • 261 unique quests
  • Daily quests
  • Weekly quests
  • Trader reputation
  • Player inertia
  • Different kind of body stances
  • Overweight system
  • Gesture system
  • VoIP
  • Hideout
  • 8 active traders
  • 279 average assortment count of traders
  • Flea Market
  • Unique Exfils

Furthermore, today’s Livestream also announces the kick-off of the upcoming EFT Twitch Drops event, which scheme will include all of the Escape From Tarkov Twitch Streamers. Every day, a different set of Twitch Channels will be eligible for dropping items to its viewership. In this way, every single streamer will get love and no one will feel left behind. Something that Battlestate Games has thoroughly thought of, and I have to admit, quite pleasing to see.

Shortly after, the developer shared the stats on its official Twitter profile.

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