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Escape From Tarkov “Bad Habit” Quest Guide

Bad Habit is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Mechanic. It requires you to find different types of cigarettes in raid and return them to Mechanic.

Escape From Tarkov Bad Habit Quest Details

Bad Habit Quest Image

Bad Habit Quest Dialogue

Hello, come here a minute. I need to lay the wiring today, and plan for high power capacity, especially considering the continuous load on the grid. But that’s not the issue now, bring me some cigarettes. I want to work it hard until it’s done, and don’t want to get distracted with searching. I know, smoking’s going to kill me. But, is it really important though? Well, anyway, I need around 20 packs, preferably different ones. Oh, and make sure you get the new sealed ones, so look for them yourself. Was good seeing you.


  • Find 5 Malboro cigarettes in raid
    • Hand over the Malboro Cigarettes
  • Find 5 Strike cigarettes in raid
    • Hand over the Strike cigarettes
  • Find 5 Wilston cigarettes in raid
    • Hand over the Wilston cigarettes


  • +6700 XP
  • ~315 Euros
  • +0.02 reputation with Mechanic
  • Glock 18C 9×19 machine pistol
  • 300x 9x19mm Tgzh

Reward Dialogue

Great, now I’ve got something to smoke in my free time. Thank you, mercenary.


There’s not much to tell you but to remind you that you need to be on this quest since the start of a wipe. The only thing you need to know is that the Wilston cigarettes are definitely the rarest ones, but worry not, you can find craft them in your hideout. Considering you need to find 5 of each, you should focus mostly on getting Malboro and Lucky Strike.

The 5 Wilston Cigarette Packs can be crafted in Nutrition Unit Level 2 by using 1 Apollo Soyuz cigaretttes, and a 42nd Signature Blend English Tea (Sacriel’s Streamer Item). That’s all, good luck on your getting the cigarettes in great pace and time.

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